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Kamel 08-27-04 06:34 PM

does nvnews have a newsletter? i tried finding the link for some time on the front page and my efforts were fruitless. if nvn does have a newsletter, i suggest making it more easily accessed. if it does not have one, i would personally love one if possible :D.

netviper13 08-27-04 06:42 PM

Re: newsletter
I think we need Christmas cards. Who's up for Christmas cards? Anybody? Bueller?

superklye 08-28-04 01:21 AM

Re: newsletter
Birthday gift certificates for 97% off any computer part of our choice. :)

Kamel 08-30-04 09:46 AM

Re: newsletter
i guess i'm the only one who puts value on such a primative thing :rolleyes:

i think i will try to start a movement to try and get as many tech places as possible to get a newsletter. i love newsletters, they are like the best candy in the world -- and it's a great deal why i like xbitlabs so much.

|JuiceZ| 08-30-04 10:06 AM

Re: newsletter
Why? Most ppl consider newletters = spam. Myself included.

saturnotaku 08-30-04 10:41 AM

Re: newsletter
If you visit the site on a regular basis why in the world would you need a newsletter?

Kamel 08-30-04 12:09 PM

Re: newsletter
don't need one, i like them is all. the beauty of a newsletter is that it's your choice to sign up for them. if you consider it spam, don't sign up for it.

i go straight to the forums myself when visiting here; but check the front page every so often (with the exception of the rss checker i put in tittydog) to check for updates. a newsletter is a bit more informative and generally gives you the information when it's ready so to speak.

like i said, i personally prefer the rss feed for nvnews, but for other users they may prefer a news letter. usually newsletters are very easy to set up and maintain themselves too, so i really don't see a disadvantage to it.

anyway, just a thought or three... i certainly am not going to be offended by you not making a newsletter as per my suggestion; but the threadcrapping did perk my anger ears a slight bit.

zoomy942 08-30-04 03:16 PM

Re: newsletter
i dont think a newsletter is such a bad idea. i love this site, and i surf it like crazy. to help my obsessive complusive disorder-ness of this site.. a newsletter would be great just sitting in my inbox. :)

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