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m_abs 08-27-04 08:12 PM

TV-Out the picture is to big for my TV
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I am the proud owner of a ASUS V9280 VideoSuite (Geforce4 Ti4200).
But resently I've run into a problem, the picture on my TV is bigger when the TV-screen (Overscan), thats mean there are missing about 2,5cm (1 inch.) on all sides of the picture.
I've tried setting TVOverscan to "0.0" but thats completly ignored. even tried "Overscan" to see if that worked.

I've tried both driver 6106 and 6111, same result.
I'm running xorg-x11 (tried both 6.7.0 and test-version some issue. I'm running KDE 3.3. My kernel is 2.6.7-mm7.

Dist. Gentoo.

This all started after I installed my system the last time, so I can't even say if one thing or the other cursed this to happen, all I know is that the picture is overscanned now, and it wasn't before.

Plz. If anyone know that to do, I'd really like to know.

m_abs 08-27-04 08:57 PM

Re: TV-Out the picture is to big for my TV
Apparently this is only an issue for 6106 and 6111, driver 5336 underscans the picture a little cm or 0.2 inch, much more better.
But doesn't have nvidia-settings :-(

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