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BrianG 08-28-04 09:49 AM

Saturday Commentary - 8/28/04
Looks like this is becoming a regular Saturday morning thing...

Share your viewpoints.

SH64 08-28-04 10:35 AM

Re: Saturday Commentary - 8/28/04
Talking about cars & video cards .. i find so much similarities between them :

1) they both have faithfull fans around the world .
2) cars have HP , video cards have fillrate ! :D
3) cars have 0-60 & top speeds , video cards have pure mode & AA/AF mode .
"yep your 6800 is faster in pure mode , but i smoke ya in AA/AF mode !" :p
4) cars have superchargers , turbo , nos ..etc , video cards have water cooling , air coolers ..etc
if you look at it , you see the 6800U with its large HSF(or Blower) is just like a Dodge Viper with V10 & the X800XT is like a Ferrari which has smaller engine size & less HP but as fast as the Viper if not faster .
5) you can mod your car & as well your video card .
installing an Arctict Silver heatsink for example for your video card is like installing a supercharger in your car :D
6) with cars you always dyno , with video cards you always bench!
7) overclocking a video card is like removing the speed limiter from you car :D .. you go for higher speed than recommened on both .
My 'Stang run @140m/h now .. my 6800 is running@440Mhz !!
8) with cars you race in the street , with video cards you race in home :)
"your 9600XT againest my 5200NU !.. come'on this isnt a fair race ..err bench .. wait till i get my bro's 6800NU!"

i'd like to see video cards "drag benching" one day just like cars drag racing.

just imagine that you're watching a video cards race(bench) :

"in the left lane we have a BFG 5950 overclocked to 550/1000Mhz & in the right lane we have a Sapphire 9800Pro running as stock speeds .. the bench will start in FarCry @1024x768 noAA/4xAF .. it will be an interesting bench people!"
Ooops .. looks like our 5950 contender is showing artifacts & its core is running hot ..

5950 status = disqualified , 9800Pro wins "

(drunk) :D

Kamel 08-28-04 10:59 AM

Re: Saturday Commentary - 8/28/04
lol, good one. in the defense of the 5950 though, i've got a 5900 that clocks to 620/1000 without artifacts... it must not be the card :o hehe.

jAkUp 08-28-04 03:36 PM

Re: Saturday Commentary - 8/28/04
You also have security threats with either side :) A firewall will keep people out just like an alarm will :D

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