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therapture 08-28-04 01:41 PM

Far Cry on my new A64 rig....
I am very impressed. I used the following settings to record this FRAPS run...

Far Cry 1.2 w/ SM3.0, 66.00 drivers for the 6800GT
updated DX9c "fxc.exe" for proper SM3.0 support
1280x1024 all settings to "HIGH" except water to "VERY HIGH"
2x FSAA and 4x AF

I played through the Regulator level in GOD mode so I could not die, and I spammed as much action as I could. The 4 lowest points (30fps or less) you see are where I was getting rocket launcher spammed into oblivion and had horrible red blood spray and smoke surrounding me....


Arioch 08-28-04 02:21 PM

Re: Far Cry on my new A64 rig....
AMD is doing great lately - I got me a FX-53 (S940) rig and love it!



myshkinbob 09-02-04 04:53 PM

Re: Far Cry on my new A64 rig....
I just noticed your sig, you've got the 2ghz 3000+ running at 2.5ghz?! is that on air or water cooled, surely not stock heatsink?! Also do you have the RAM at 1:1 or 4:5? Just curious as i have the same cpu but i haven't tried for more than 2.2ghz so far, it runs stable at that so i haven't tried to push it further.

Razorman 09-17-04 07:08 AM

Re: Far Cry on my new A64 rig....
He's watercooled look at his sig, so am i :nanahump:

Bill The Cat 09-17-04 11:10 PM

Re: Far Cry on my new A64 rig....
Default...excel graph...burning...eyes....

Nice stats though. Pushes me one step closer towards breaking up with Intel.

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