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heindall10 08-29-04 12:04 AM

problem with source drives
hey friends, when I enter in the directory of NVIDIA_kernel and do a "make install"
shows a error (error1)
what ca I do?

jacen 08-29-04 01:35 PM

Re: problem with source drives
What is exactly the error you have?, and What distribution of Linux doi you use?

heindall10 09-11-04 09:07 AM

Re: problem with source drives
i have change the my distribution, now i use the fedora core 2...
i downloaded de NVchooser and this mensage appears:
NVIDIA does not provide a prebuilt binary driver for your
distribution at this time. Please download:
NVchooser.sh: line 174: [: : integer expression expected
Please download and install the following files:

But i havent found this files on site...
what can i do?

LinuxHatesMe 09-20-04 12:17 PM

Re: problem with source drives
Simply putting the full name of those rpm's in google will bring up several sources to download them from. http://public.www.planetmirror.com/p...inux/1.0-2313/ is one. Perhaps try google next time first. :)

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