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Abba Zabba 08-29-04 04:13 AM

My own Benchmark
I wrote this little demo a while ago when I had my Radeon 9700 Pro.
Recently, I got my hands on a BFG 6800 NU OC edition, and therefore decided to play around with it and the incredible range of extensions it supports.
To test my maximum stable overclocking, I tweaked this demo and transformed it into a benchmark tool.
I got my BFG card all the way up to 375/465 stable, after that limit, I get either nasty tearings or black dots flying all over the screen.

This demo should run on ATI 9500+ and Nvidia 5200+ cards.
Nvidia latest offerings should be a bit faster than ATi's since I'm using the so called Ultra Shadow 2 feature as well as few other things.

How to benchmark:

There is a .cfg file in the main directory where you can specify settings like fullscreen, depth bits, colors bits, stencil bits if you're an advanced user.
However I recommand that everyone sticks with the original pixel format settings for accurate comparaisons with other users' results.
Feel free however to disable/enable benchmark mode and navigate around the scene.
To disable the benchmark mode, set "BenchMark:" first argument to 0 instead of 1.
The second argument is the time duration of the benchmark expressed in seconds.

ESC quite
F8 snapshot
AQWSDE and arrows to move around the world.
SPACE capture the mouse cursor to look around, or let it go if it's already captured.
PS: all keys will be ignored if benchmarking is on :D

Once, the benchmark is done, a little file will be written to your drive called Benchresults.txt.

It will look like this: (default 1024*168)

Benchmark duration: 22.0052(s).
Total number of frames: 1371.
Minimum number of frames: 27.8355.
Maximum number of frames: 71.6053.
Average number of frames: 62.3033.

Click the screenshot to download:

Bench Source
Frame Work

rellingsen 08-29-04 08:09 AM

Re: My own Benchmark
Nice job! The only problem I had was it was using v-sync and I had to go in to the CP and force v-sync off to get anything other then 60FPS. Results at stock speed on a Ultra.

Benchmark duration: 22.0034(s).
Total number of frames: 2042.
Minimum number of frames: 56.4299.
Maximum number of frames: 104.606.
Average number of frames: 92.804.

Java Cool Dude 08-29-04 06:38 PM

Re: My own Benchmark
Thanks Mike for enabling my primary account, freeeeeeeee at last :D.
Wow rellingsen, that's an awesome score you got right there, makes me feel all sad about my tiny machine :'(

camelot 08-30-04 08:13 PM

Re: My own Benchmark
Benchmark duration: 22.0065(s).
Total number of frames: 1750.
Minimum number of frames: 42.5033.
Maximum number of frames: 85.0232.
Average number of frames: 79.5218.

MikeC 08-30-04 08:15 PM

Re: My own Benchmark
Great job on the demo!

How about adding a toggle that would enable / disable Ultra Shadow 2 :afro2:

DirkBelig 08-30-04 08:28 PM

Re: My own Benchmark
:retard: Uh, how do you run this, much less benchmark it? :retard:

MikeC 08-30-04 08:32 PM

Re: My own Benchmark

Originally Posted by DirkBelig
:retard: Uh, how do you run this, much less benchmark it? :retard:

Download the demo here:

Unzip the files and double-click "SceneGraph.exe" to run. Benchmarking is enabled by default. After the demo finishes, look for a file named BenchResults.txt.

shabby 08-30-04 08:46 PM

Re: My own Benchmark
Gf4 4600, looks like crap though :D

Benchmark duration: 22.011(s).
Total number of frames: 646.
Minimum number of frames: 15.9206.
Maximum number of frames: 30.0779.
Average number of frames: 29.3489.

Waffles 08-30-04 08:49 PM

Re: My own Benchmark
Benchmark duration: 22.0056(s).
Total number of frames: 2357.
Minimum number of frames: 54.9496.
Maximum number of frames: 120.878.
Average number of frames: 107.109.

Daneel Olivaw 08-30-04 09:10 PM

Re: My own Benchmark
Nice to see a benchmark where nv control panel cheats/settings have no influence.

P4 3.2 and 5900xt
Looks great, all using standard settings:
Benchmark duration: 22.0155(s).
Total number of frames: 298.
Minimum number of frames: 9.4566.
Maximum number of frames: 15.0858.
Average number of frames: 13.5359.

Waffles 08-30-04 09:43 PM

Re: My own Benchmark
I have one question. When I first run the program it starts at 54FPS. then no matter what I can't get it to dip that low under any other circumstances.

This has a negative affect on the Average. Anyway to delay the actual benchmarking by a second or two, or something else so that the first few frames aren't taken into account?

Or rather, what is the cause of this? Just loading textures?

blarg 08-30-04 10:07 PM

Re: My own Benchmark
Benchmark duration: 22.0046(s).
Total number of frames: 2130.
Minimum number of frames: 22.9868.
Maximum number of frames: 202.745.
Average number of frames: 96.7979.

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