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buckyballnut 08-29-04 08:04 PM

athlon-thunderbird CPU + Nvidia + kernel 2.6

I have a multitude of questions. I have an Athlon-Thunderbird CPU, specifically the one that has had problems with the linux kernel in locking up the system with AGP video applications. The bug is due to how the northbridge chipset caches 4mB page allocations and how the linux kernel doesn't work with it well and causes lock ups and openGL errors and crashes; but nevermind that, the problem has already been identified.
I am running SuSE 9.1 and I have the nvidia MX 420 graphics card. I wish to know if kernel 2.6 supports the corrections needed for the chipset to run well and if NVidia has apropriate drivers to compensate.
I have constantly tried to run UnrealTournament2004, but meeting failure 100% of the time. It always crashes or locks the system up hard.
I have tried almost all the different NVidia drivers available, I have tried kernels 2.4.21, 2.6.4, 2.6.5, and I have run the kernels with options noapic, acpi=off. I have edited the XFConfig in numerous fashions, and I can not get it to work. The standard framebuffer has always worked flawlessly.

I am only looking for answers. Please help.


I have found now that the system has stopped locking up hard when I add the kernel parameter: noapic. It still crashes any openGL application after a few minutes though

Ella the Cat 08-30-04 01:29 PM

Re: athlon-thunderbird CPU + Nvidia + kernel 2.6
I'm new here. Just to say I'm using Athlon Tbird, SuSE9.1 and (until i went back to my old card) an Abit Siluro FX5200 AGP. Did all the tricks, unstable, mouse moves, screen freezes, processes carry on running. Back to PCI GeForce2 MX400. Sorry can't help (yet).

Dart 08-30-04 02:05 PM

Re: athlon-thunderbird CPU + Nvidia + kernel 2.6
Just a wild guess here, but you might try "nolapic" as well. This disables local on-cpu apic.

buckyballnut 09-09-04 01:47 AM

Re: athlon-thunderbird CPU + Nvidia + kernel 2.6
I am convinced, now, that the Athlon-thunderbird is the wrong CPU to have no matter what the system while trying to run openGL applications on an AGP port. Oh well, I will try to find a PCI card then. Thanks everyone.

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