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Ella the Cat 08-30-04 01:57 PM

FX5200 AGP fails BIOS POST weirdness
Hi. I'm new here. I cross posted in a couple threads, sorry, but I thought it worth a new thread to flag my problem. (OK, I had a beer to cheer me up, forgot my netiquette)

I have an Athlon Tbird, Abit KT7A-RAID mobo, Abit Siluro FX5200, SuSE91, driver 6111. I installed Friday night, and over the Bank Holiday weekend the box got more and more unstable. I've tried 99% of the recommendations here, RTFM'd and so forth.

I went back to my PCI GeForce2 when things got so bad that the system won't boot after a cold start. I get the video BIOS message, but no beep afterwards, which is (I believe) an indication that part of the POST has been passed, and the box freezes with a blank screen and an underline cursor, rather than showing the mobo BIOS messages.

What's weird is that I started with a system that stayed up for hours, and rebooted OK. I tweaked it when it hung (mouse moves, screen corruption, processes still running). Several iterations later, it stays up for minutes instead of hours before crashing, and now does the hang at BIOS screen things nearly all the time. It's as if it has some "memory"
of what happened to it despite cold boots. I think I should have physically removed the power cable and counted to ten just to really, really reset it.

I've built several nVIDIA systems over several years. I thought I'd got the hang of it (no pun intended) and was dismissive of those who didn't seem to RTFM. Pride comes before a fall.

This one has me stumped, I've tried everything (or at least a lot of things). Has anyone else got "reboot hangs" (for want of a name).

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