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SH64 08-31-04 10:45 PM

Artifacts in 3DMark2003 CPU test !!!
Well i get artifacts in CPU test (2) only among all the other tests . nothing in my PC is overclocked .
i have DX9.0c installed . all other games run correctly (except Doom3 & Thief3 which occasionally cause some artifcats ) .

even when i overclocked my video card i didnt get any expect in that test .

system is : 6800GT / P4:3.0GHz /1GB DDR400 /61.77 /WinXP .
i checked the temp . everything is cool .


rellingsen 09-01-04 08:45 AM

Re: Artifacts in 3DMark2003 CPU test !!!
By any chance do you have a P4P800 mobo?

SH64 09-01-04 10:43 AM

Re: Artifacts in 3DMark2003 CPU test !!!
The mobo is an Abit IS7-G .
i dont recall seeing such artifacts in the CPU tests ever before . even when i benched the GT the first time there wasent any .

could it be the DX9.0c ? i dont think the artifacts in the CPU test has anything to do with the video card , or do they ?

rellingsen 09-01-04 12:25 PM

Re: Artifacts in 3DMark2003 CPU test !!!
I have seen a few people complain about artifacts but most had the 865PE chipset. Some of them could get rid of it by turning PAT off or to auto, upping the memory voltage, turning off turbo, or raising the memory timings. It is more then likely a board/memory problem or a combo of them.
The reason I asked is I used to get it on my P4P800 Deluxe (865PE) when it was overclocked and the only way I could get rid of it was to replace the board. Try asking in the forum below. There is also a large thread about artifacts in the 3DM03 cpu tests, etc. on mostly 865PE boards there.


SH64 09-01-04 12:35 PM

Re: Artifacts in 3DMark2003 CPU test !!!
Great .. i'll look into that .

thanks for the tips :)

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