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Gary B. 09-01-04 06:34 AM

More info please
Hello all, I'm having the "screen freezes mouse moves" problem, and have posted in that thread, but think that thread is more or less a list of people suffering from the bug. I have three Linux operating systems on this computer (Fedora, SUSE, and Slackware). This machine has an AMD Athlon xp 2400 processor and a Via chipset. On another machine, with an Intel processor, I also have SUSE installed. At first I thought SUSE, which uses xf86, instead of the xorg used by Fedora and Slackware was suffering from this bug, but now I think it is affected by it's own weirdness, which may or may not be related. So what I am wondering is this, is this bug particular to systems that run xorg and Via chipsets? Or maybe the question should be, who isn't affected by this, because I am considering upgrading my mainboard (I'm looking at an MSI board with a nVIDIA chipset - any problems with that one in particular?) and don't want to run into the same problem with a new board. Thanks in advance for any and all input. - Gary

Gary B. 09-01-04 07:11 AM

Re: More info please
Ok, I was wrong - again. Just after I sent the above post SUSE locked up as well (it had been so long since it froze I thought it was ok). It happened twice within minutes actually and it's still locked up. So I started the Intel machine to send this post. So now I know this happens only on the machine with the AMD Processor and the Via chipset regardless of operating system. So again I guess my question is, who is not affected by this? Will a different mainboard with a different chipset (is the problem only with Via or are others experiencing this as well) solve the problem? This is just so frustrating. Thanks again for any and all help. - Gary

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