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seyfarth 09-01-04 09:15 AM

Laptop/Projector Problem
I am having problems using the nvidia Linux driver (1.0-6111) on a Sony VAIO GRT250 laptop. The laptop had a geForce 420 go video adapter and works well with the laptop's LCD. The problem is using the laptop with a projector connected to the analog VGA connection on the back of the laptop. The projected image is very "wiggly" with scan lines appearing to be vertically positioned correctly but wiggling perhaps 50 pixels left/right. Both the left and right edges are unstable as are any objects on the screen.

I selected this laptop because the LCD is 1024x768 and the projectors I need to use are also 1024x768. I have tried it with 2 projectors so far and the results are the same. I have tried a variety of sync values with no improvement.

I am currently succeeding fairly well using the nv driver on the laptop. The image is very stable. The only drawback is that if I use Alt-Ctrl-F1, I lose the output to the projector and haven't found any solution for this other than rebooting. This will do fairly well for my classes this fall, but it would be nice to have faster GL support for graphics classes.

Thanks for any suggestions


seyfarth 09-02-04 01:46 PM

Re: Laptop/Projector Problem
Based on another thread, I have installed the 5336 driver for Linux. It works pretty well with the projector. There are 2 issues remaining:

1. The LCD/CRT function key does nothing under Linux. It works fine under Linux. This could help, since I must now turn on the projector before the laptop.

2. Using Alt-Ctrl-F1 I see the virtual console on the projector, but not on the laptop's LCD. I use the laptop for teaching mainly, so this is not a show stopper.

Thanks for any suggestions


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