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CaptNKILL 09-02-04 11:55 PM

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

The next game was supposedly going to be called Oblivion (rumor from a LONG time ago), I wonder if its finally going to show up.

Heres a discussion at the Elder Scrolls Forums about what this could possibly be... very interesting.


Id love to see another Elder Scrolls RPG.

BTW, would someone please give me some info on current RPGs? Im losing my mind... check out "The Witcher" thread, thats where I keep asking, with no response :|

msxyz 09-03-04 02:19 AM

Re: New Elder Scrolls game coming?
YEs, it was quite a surprise yesterday when I checked the forums and saw the general excitement going on about the incoming new chapter.

I feel really excited, too. :)

CaptNKILL 09-03-04 12:38 PM

Re: New Elder Scrolls game coming?
Well its moved to "SEVEN" so its a countdown :D

Also, if the title of the game is "Oblivion" then I have some tips about what it could be about:

I decided to play a little bit of Morrowind last night, and to my surprise I stumbled upon a book in a book store (in the game) about Oblivion! Apparently, its the place that the dremora\daedra\daedroth come from. People think its hell, but its not... people think the daerda are demons, but they are not. Its just another demension where these strange, dark beings live.

IF you want to read the book, i cant remember the name exactly, I think it was called "On Oblivion" but i cant remember. Its on one of the shelves in the book store in Balmora, just look around, you'll find it.

When it changes, just go here for the newest page:

msxyz 09-03-04 01:20 PM

Re: New Elder Scrolls game coming?
The sentences at the top of the countdown page are quoted Geilir, a fortune teller encountered in Bloodmoon.

I really enjoyed reading all the books I found in the game. They add depth to the whole story.

nVidi0t 09-03-04 02:58 PM

Re: New Elder Scrolls game coming?
Dragon Empires!!!

CaptNKILL 09-03-04 11:27 PM

Re: New Elder Scrolls game coming?


exciting... :)

Edge 09-04-04 12:41 AM

Re: New Elder Scrolls game coming?
Oblivion? I think I remember seeing that in Turok 3 :D

Anyway, interesting stuff, I think I heard the next Elder Scrolls game is fairly far into development, and they're also working on Fallout 3 using the ES4 engine. Should be pretty cool seeing what they've been working on over the past few years, hope it turns out good.

CaptNKILL 09-04-04 06:41 AM

Re: New Elder Scrolls game coming?
I dont know how far along it could possibly be, Morrowind is only 2 years old and they have been making plugins and expansions during that time. I guess its possible they had another team working on TES4 though.

BTW, anyone hear that Bethesda picked up Call of Cthulhu? Itl be available 1st Quarter of 2005! Been looking forward to that game for a long time, im glad they finally got a publisher :)

vampireuk 09-04-04 07:38 AM

Re: New Elder Scrolls game coming?
It's a shame they didn't make Morrowind a online game, that could have been so awesome :D

v3rninate 09-04-04 03:42 PM

Re: New Elder Scrolls game coming?
Yay...I beat Morrowind and the extra addon's....a new game would own!!!

Edge 09-04-04 05:23 PM

Re: New Elder Scrolls game coming?

Originally Posted by vampireuk
It's a shame they didn't make Morrowind a online game, that could have been so awesome :D

I'm pretty sure they specifically said that they wanted a single-player game that has the same elements and massive world that was usually only seen in MMO games. And I do support them in that: the game would've simply been just another MMO (or even non-MM) RPG if they had gone that route, but thanks to it's single-player focus the game is extremely customisable though plugins and mods, and is a lot different from most other single-player RPGs. Still, a 4-player coop mode might've been cool, but given how saturated the MMORPG market was a few years ago when it was released I don't think it would've gotten much praise if it was just another $12.95 a month game. Now an MMORPG Fallout, THAT I would love :D

msxyz 09-05-04 03:16 AM

Re: New Elder Scrolls game coming?
No way: Morrowind's beauty is in its single player, immersing experience.

Bethesda had another team (mostly hired people) working on the expansions and some of the stuff in there was originally planned to be in TES III (werewolves, Almalexia)

Back in November '03 we had the first proof that Bethesda was working on something new. One of the newsers from the site Morrowind Summit went to Bethesda offices and he was shown a new project that "had been in development for the past 15 months"

PS: The countdown has reached 5 !!!

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