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itsjustme 09-04-04 11:41 PM

artifacts, screen unreadable after exiting X
I have a geForce mx 420 (as shown by lspci -v) and the latest nvidia driver, 6111. The system is Slackware 10 running WindowMaker or BlackBox.

When I exit X, the screen only shows little block artifacts, dark blue, light blue, red. It's like the text has been exploded because the artifacts appear to be in 3 lines across the screen, each line takes up a wide path across the screen. And, although it is unreadable, I can restart X by 'blindly' typing in startx or I can 'blindly' type in su - and then reboot to get rid of the artifacts.

I just ran a swaret --update and --upgrade with VERSION=current and the problem persists.

Has anybody else seen this and what's the fix?


RinkyDinks_RJ 09-05-04 08:25 PM

Re: artifacts, screen unreadable after exiting X
Yes I've gotten this too. It's like it blows up your console text by 100X. I think it's a configuration issue, as it only happened when I tried to hook up a tv to the card.

I haven't found a fix yet. I'll let you know if I do.

jerickson314 09-07-04 07:27 PM

Re: artifacts, screen unreadable after exiting X
Happens all the time. Try adding

Option "ConnectedMonitor" "CRT"
Option "IgnoreDisplayDevices" "TV"

to your XF86Config file. The second line will probably disable the TV-Out, so if you need that you may want to disable the framebuffer rather than using these options. To do that, just remove any "vga=" options from your GRUB or LILO configuration and reboot. Then the consoles will be 640x480 with no graphics support, but they work.

Unfortunately, neither fix seems to work for people using DVI cables to hook up the monitor. I use a flat panel monitor but with a standard VGA cable and both fixes work for me. I do not use the TV-Out but have noticed that I had problems on the cards I have tried with three outputs, but not the one I tried with only two.

unknownprogramm 09-07-04 07:55 PM

Re: artifacts, screen unreadable after exiting X
I have this problem too...and trying to get tv-out to work...I get interference on the right half of the screen...and a buzzing noise when i plug the s-video cable into the computer (power on or off doesn't matter)

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