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taanos 09-07-04 02:45 PM

MSI fx5950 Ultra display troubles (artefacts)
Hi in there!
first, excuse me for my english, I hope that everybody will undrestand me well.
My fx5950 Ultra works quit well, with games like counter strike. It gives a good score under 3DMARK whit no display trouble. But when i try something like far cry or Ground control 2, after a few minutes, display turn bad and a lot of artefacts appears, (like snow). lost of textures and sometimes holes in graphics. MY card is fully updated,last bios, last forceware. I eaven tried to flash it with a leadtek bios for the same GPU, but nothing made it. I really don't know what else I could... except bring it back to the shop... I can say that "your my last chance!"

Please everybody :ORDER: ..... HELP ME!!!!!!

Lfctony 09-07-04 03:01 PM

Re: MSI fx5950 Ultra display troubles (artefacts)
Looks like its overheating. Check if the fan on the card is working properly, and if you can mount a couple of extra 80mm fans in your case,in order to increase air flow and help the card.

taanos 09-07-04 04:16 PM

Re: MSI fx5950 Ultra display troubles (artefacts)
thanks for your answer!

if my memory is good , i remember thaht the heat of the card when i play far cry or GC2, is around 68/70 and in normal use it's around 46... 68 is it too much? when i test it in 3dmark the score is around 6700 with no artefacts or other troubles and it seem that 3dmark is a good test to know the states and performances of a card. don't you think so?

Anyway, I really don't know what to do ... do you think I should buy another cooling system, zalman or else???

friendly yours! taanos.

nVidiaGuru 09-07-04 05:34 PM

Re: MSI fx5950 Ultra display troubles (artefacts)
Your temps are normal but from what the card is doing it sounds like either your card is getting too hot, or the core is starting to go bad. Like Lfctony said try putting more airflow over the card, you can easily do that by opening the side of the case and putting a portable house fan next to the case. If that doesnt help try underclocking the card to something like 400/800 to see if the problem goes away.

taanos 09-08-04 10:58 AM

Re: MSI fx5950 Ultra display troubles (artefacts)
hi nvidiaguru

I heard many people flashed their bios with another brand bios.example.... a friend of mine has a 6800 ultra extreme and he had some trouble with,(the card is a gainward) gainward wasn't able to give him a good bios, so he took a leadtek bios for the same card and since he did that he doesn't have problems anymore. I tried to do so but i didn't succeed... it gives me a message error in all cases. Do you think I should carry on searching that way?
do you think it could solve my problem?

Thanks for all

kiss America for me!!!

morbias 09-14-04 07:52 AM

Re: MSI fx5950 Ultra display troubles (artefacts)
The problem you are experiencing is generic to most, if not all FX series cards. I also have the same problem on my 5900 ultra. everything is fine until polygons randomly start flashing and the framerate will drop by about 75%. the only way to fix it is to reboot.
Updating the vga bios probably won't help - i've got version 23 (i think version 24 is the latest - whitebunny ).
the problem appears to lie in the pixel shader 2.0 hardware and its implementation in software environments. There is no known fix for this as it is a hardware fault, and early indications show that it is present in the 6800 series as well.
nVidia seem to be sticking their head in the dirt over this matter and haven't released any information about this whatsoever, as far as i know they haven't even admitted there is any kind of problem whatsoever.
subsequently, games such as Asheron's Call 2, F1 2002, and NFS Underground may be rendered unplayable due to the FX family's inability to process pixel shader 1.2 processes correctly.

probably not what you wanted to hear...

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