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rangerx 11-04-02 01:37 PM

nvidia with SUN 24" widescreen LCD
Anyone have a working XF86Config-4 for the SUN 24" widescreen LCD ? This below configuration displays okay, but there is a wraparound problem on the left side of the screen. Size is about 1cm. Connecting to the screen via dsub15 and the same configuration works fine. The problem arises when I change the cable to DVI.

HorizSync 31.0 - 80.0
VertRefresh 56.0 - 76.0

ModeLine "1920x1200" 200.0 1920 2004 2260 2596 1200 1203 1206 1250

Aspect ratio for the screen is 16/10, the specs are almost the same as the samsung 240t.

Can anyone help ? Thanks....

r0gu3 11-04-02 04:10 PM


You can try playing with the modeline like a mortal using xvidtune :)
You may need different modelines for the different ports on your geforce...

- r0gu3

rangerx 11-05-02 03:50 AM

I had a feeling that the SUN lcd didnt like running 1920x1200 with DVI. So I hooked up win2k pro on the machine, and it does the same thing! Changing the resolution to 1600x1024 works.... but I want 1920x1200 ! and there is no way I am going to analog., that jus looks ugly comparing to dvi. Looking at the monitor docs, it supports 1920x1200 with dvi, so I dont know whats going on. Perhaps a faulty LCD ? anyone have a suggestion on what to do next ? tia ;)

rangerx 11-06-02 05:42 PM

The nvidia drivers seem to be the problem. I tested the LCD with a geforce4 ti4600 and a quadro4 900xgl, both with the same driver. Result was the same..... 1920x1200 DVI = small wraparound on the left side of the screen. This happens in both win2k pro and linux.

So I decided to try a different vendor, I put in a ati radeon 8500. The screen works perfectly in 1920x1200 DVI.

So now my question is.... How can I get nvidia to help me fix this ? I am more than happy to test out a driver, or even talk to the technicans.

Andy Mecham 11-06-02 06:19 PM

Please send details to linux-bugs@nvidia.com.



The Savage 08-07-03 03:20 PM

Has this been fixed?
I am wondering has this been fixed I currently fixing on working on a 24" Sun monitor if so does anyone have a example X86Config File? Even if it hasn't been fixed I would be intrested to at lease get the right resolution. Has anyone tried this in TwinView mode?

2779 09-09-03 03:28 PM

also with GeForce 440 MX
1 Attachment(s)
I can't get anything at all usable at 1920x1200
with one of these monitors. I've only tried DVI,
no HD-15 on my card. I used a modeline
generated by gtf(1); If anyone can suggest
a better one, please do.

When I ran vesafb for comparison, my desktop
was stretched-to-fit. The nvidia desktop is
simply centered. Both run at 1280x1024.

XF86Config attached.

peace, out.

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