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Roch 09-09-04 02:10 PM

Advice on 3dmark03
Hi all,

I've been up and running on my first build for about a month. It's very stable and plays Doom3 at 1600x1200 high quality very nicely (timedemo score of 71fps). I thought I'd give 3Dmark 03 a go as everyone seems to use it as a gauge. Well, to be honest I'm dissapointed with the score I got. I'm bearly breaking 12000, which seems less than a lot of people are getting with slower processors and slower cards, what am I doing wrong? Is this an indicator of real world performance, if so any tips to increase it would be greatly appreciated as I'd like to get it as fast as possible.


Pandora's Box 09-09-04 02:32 PM

Re: Advice on 3dmark03
turn aa, af to off in the nvidia control panel. set mip map to bilinear, turn all optimizations on.

12k is a great score. but 3dmark03 is not an indicator of real world performance. i wouldnt worry about it.

SH64 09-09-04 03:39 PM

Re: Advice on 3dmark03
12000 & up is good for a 6800Ultra . nothing to worry about :thumbsup:

npras42 09-09-04 03:42 PM

Re: Advice on 3dmark03
Have you overclocked? If not 12000 is a very good score for an ULTRA AFAIK.

Roch 09-10-04 05:28 AM

Re: Advice on 3dmark03
Thanks guys,

If 12000's good, then I'm happy. I get a bit obsessive fiddling with the PC (it being my first), I guess I should relax a bit more and enjoy it, I'll try the test again with all the optimisations off anyway, just to see :)

therapture 09-10-04 12:53 PM

Re: Advice on 3dmark03
I too was too worried about the scores. With my rig in my sig below, I hit low 11k's with the card at stock speeds. When I run it at 400/1100 I can do 12k. However, in Far Cry my rig is running quite well and even 1600x1200 "very high quality" no AA/8x AF, I am seeing 65-72fps in the built in Regulator demo, which is phenomenal. Doom3 runs smooth as butter (can't remember my demo speeds). I only wish the Nvidia drivers allowed Triple Buffering so I could run Vsync properly.

Anyways, 12k on 3DMark03 is great for a rig that is not extremely oc'ed on the vid card side. Those 450+ core speeds and 1200+ mem speeds are crazy :lol2:

therapture 09-11-04 10:32 AM

Re: Advice on 3dmark03
OK I got my latest result. Ths is on my 6800GT clocked at 400/1100 and my cpu at 2515mhz. Highest Performance in the Nvidia control panel.

3DMark Score 12209 3DMarks
GT1 - Wings of Fury 286.0 FPS
GT2 - Battle of Proxycon 99.2 FPS
GT3 - Troll's Lair 82.0 FPS

I am happy enough now, back to the real games. :nanahump:

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