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VBD950 09-09-04 04:44 PM

What could be an installer problem
I'm not sure if the blame should go on the installer or with Debian. I love the NVIDIA drivers, and the fact that they are generally very easy to install. Unfortunately, it took me a good hour to get them to work with Debian Sarge. I installed sarge, XFree86, etc. Then, I downloaded the kernel headers, source, etc. Then, I ran the installer, it gave me the standered RivaFB warning, and installed the module reporting a success. I then modified XF86Config-4, launched the server, and the NVidia logo appears for a second or two, and then I get dumped back to the console with a segfault (Signal 11). Most people say that it is broken hardware, but I kept searching. Finally I came across the following:


I did what the post said, and it worked. This seems a very strange and little documented problem. yet it occurs with every single Sarge install I perform. I'm wondering, why does this problem occur (is it NVidia, or Debian), and in either case, will it be fixed in the next version of the installer (it shouldn't be that hard for it to compare file sizes and automate those commands)so I don't need to repeat that proceadure the next time I install sarge? Thanks in advance

VBD950 09-09-04 08:28 PM

Re: What could be an installer problem
Even stranger...
The modifications I make are reverted each time I restart X. Thus, I made a shell scripts which make the modifications for me and run it each time... Any idea why I'm having this problem?

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