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stncttr908 09-09-04 07:32 PM

Burnout 3
Has anyone else tried this game? It looks amazing on the Xbox and is tons of fun. For once, it doesn't appear that the major game review sites are sucking up to EA.


It is that good.

karkrash81 09-09-04 07:44 PM

Re: Burnout 3
burnout 2 was the funnest racing game i've ever played so my hopes are high for this one...so far the reviews seem to think it's top notch...can't wait to try it

i was disappointed to hear that they took out weather and different times of day for the game...

saturnotaku 09-09-04 08:19 PM

Re: Burnout 3
I played the demo quite a bit at my local EB. I also have 2 for Xbox and loved it. I knew I had to pick this up, so I got it yesterday. I messed around for a while tonight, and everything the review sites say about it is 100% true.

This is one of the, if not the most fun arcade racer I've ever played. The graphics are exceptional, the action is great and all the different game modes are a ton of fun. A must own, IMO.

karkrash81 09-09-04 08:48 PM

Re: Burnout 3
damn...shouldn't have got rid of my consoles this past summer...

oh well...i'll just not pay attention to burnout 3 otherwise it might break me down and i'll have to go get an xbox to play it...burnout 2 was already like crack to me

Edge 09-09-04 08:49 PM

Re: Burnout 3
Looks pretty cool, I liked Burnout 2 so an online version sounds great. Though to be honest Flatout looks more interesting, I just can't get over those physics movies :D

SH64 09-09-04 09:16 PM

Re: Burnout 3
I would try it , but i already sold my Xbox :o

Vash 09-09-04 09:31 PM

Re: Burnout 3
*sound of Vash's budget snapping*

I've played this quite a bit at my EB, and I'm nothing but impressed. I have this sinking feeling that I'm going to have to wait until December - and by then, I'm sure MGS 3 will be out and I'll have to decide if I want that or if I can wait until January. And there's Guild Wars in Febrary.

Jeez... :D

saturnotaku 09-10-04 05:47 PM

Re: Burnout 3
I've delved a bit further into the game, and I have a couple beefs. First - too much f-ing lens flare. There is not a single game I have ever played in my life where lens flare has not been exceptionally annoying. I wish there was a way to disable it.

Next, in the grand prix races, even if you win a race you always start the next one in 4th place. This isn't a Burnout specific problem as I've had it happen in other racing games, but if you get first in the previous race you should start in that position next time.

And last, another non-Burnout specific beef is that there is never any variety in the finishing positions of the AI cars. If you finish first in a series, the same car will always finish second. And if you get any place other than first, the same car will always win. It's one of the most irritating racing conventions that every singe developer uses.

Rob_0126 09-10-04 07:55 PM

Re: Burnout 3
Well, if your wanting to wait for a game, that would be Jade Empire. ;)

I think Biowares' kung fu is strong. :kar:

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