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nVidi0t 09-10-04 02:24 AM

The Final Boss - Way Too Easy?
I beat him without losing over 40 health on Veteran the first time I played it. It was a bit dissapointing for such a huge buildup. The guardian and sarge were even more difficult.

Did anyone else find it so easy or is it just me?

Sazar 09-10-04 02:29 AM

Re: The Final Boss - Way To Easy?
it wasn't hard.. thats for sure...

sarge wasn't that tough either but the guardian took some time to figure out...

even so the bosses on the whole were not exactly overwhelmingly difficult... I guess they were tough enough or took long enough to keep things interesting...

haven't finished it @ veteran level yet though I did get past sarge... I spose I'll have to reinstall it and give it another go :)

whiskeychaser 09-10-04 03:17 AM

Re: The Final Boss - Way Too Easy?
Yep, I agree. The guardian was much tougher. Running around the rocks, shooting out the spotlight things, that was the highlight of the game for me.

r2d2d3d4d5 09-10-04 12:30 PM

Re: The Final Boss - Way Too Easy?
spoiler of sorts:the guardian was easy if you new where he couldn't go.
tried the final boss a couple of times but kept falling into the lava whilst running backwards. i'll give it another crack this weekend.

jnd3 09-10-04 12:37 PM

Re: The Final Boss - Way Too Easy?
Yah, fell into the lava the first time, ran around in circled and whomped him the next time through (barely losing any health). The Guardian was MUCH tougher, IMHO (and I had the same problem of falling into the lava with Sarge)...

nVidi0t 09-10-04 01:10 PM

Re: The Final Boss - Way Too Easy?
You know, I killed Sarge in less than 10 seconds. I fired a couple of rockets at him and I think my rocket must have hit one of his BFG projectiles right in front of his face, LOL.

I'm not sure if they can explode (I know their area damage is decreased if the CPU is taken out) but somehow it made him die, instantly.

OWA 09-11-04 11:16 AM

Re: The Final Boss - Way Too Easy?
I think y'all are just really good or could be that I just really suck. :) I thought it was hard and I was playing on the easy level. Even then, I still had to cheat at times to complete some sections. I bet it must be a real challenge for the developers to be able to accomodate both extremes.

holmes 09-11-04 12:25 PM

Re: The Final Boss - Way Too Easy?
I thought he was a tad on the easy side, but I HATE long boss battles that take 1000 rockets to kill & move on. So, I prefered it that way actually (they could have thrown in a caco demon/ hell knight to make it a little more challenging though..). I had a much harder time trying to kill the guardian, but that was my own stupid fault of not actually listening to the soul cube's advice... hehe

Saibot 09-11-04 01:55 PM

Re: The Final Boss - Way Too Easy?
Yeah, the Guardian was definitely the hardest for me. After a couple nights of trying I had to hang my head in shame and came here looking for hints. The final boss only took me about 4 or 5 tries though.

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