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LunarEagle 09-10-04 09:28 AM

GForce FX 5500 help
I have installed the driver but in gnome the display settings still say vesa ganeric graphics card.

I looked through the list of graphics cards and I didnt find this one on the list.

what do I need to know or do

whig 09-10-04 06:17 PM

Re: GForce FX 5500 help
Get ready for the learning curve: read nvidia's installation instructions and apply them as applicable to your linux distribution. But if it works now, why change it? Do you want to play games or something? What to do depends on your goals and hardware.

LunarEagle 09-13-04 09:55 AM

Re: GForce FX 5500 help
Yes, I Did install it and I followed the instructions, And I do see the Nvidia Logo at bootup, I just don't see it in my display settings as using my GForce FX 5500. It says vesa generic is what its using. Is there something I missed?

whig 09-13-04 08:16 PM

Re: GForce FX 5500 help
Probably your distribution doesn't know about nvidia drivers - it still thinks vesa is being used (what it initially installed). To verify nvidia's drivers are going fine run glxinfo and glxgears, and look at your X log (/var/log) and the files in /proc/driver/nvidia.

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