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Rob_0126 09-10-04 03:55 PM

Xbox game to choose
Ive been wondering, reading up on reviews, if I should get:

-Silent Hill 4
-Burnout 3

Silent Hill has gotten some lousy reviews, but I thought 2 was ok, if a bit creepy.

Fable has some good reviews, but they said it could be had in 10 hours?

Burnout 3 has rave reviews all over the board. But Im not really wanting a driving game right now.


Mr. Hunt 09-10-04 04:03 PM

Re: Xbox game to choose
Well I am going to be getting SH4 soon (like... an hour)... I have loved all of the previous ones and I expect this one will be just as good.
Fable looks great and I want to pick it up sometime soon... but I want to play it first because the concept and everything look great... but I want to know if they pulled it off actually.
Burnout 3... I haven't actually played it but I was watching somebody play it and it didn't look too fun. It looked like all you do is try to crash other people... which is fine and dandy... but when you make somebody wreck it goes to that car and goes all slo-mo and stuff and watching it was confusing because I didn't know if the player had wrecked or the computer :\.

Mr. Hunt 09-10-04 06:07 PM

Re: Xbox game to choose
Well I just got finished playing quite a bit of SH4 and it is quite good. I am playing the PC version though so not sure if it is exactly the same in the Xbox version (wouldn't imagine much if anything). The graphics are quite good and the filters they have are great. The story so far seems interesting but the controls are a bit strange (playing on a PS2 controller).

Edge 09-10-04 06:50 PM

Re: Xbox game to choose
To be honest, I'd have to choose D: none of the above. Right now, I'm getting excited for a game called Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders. It's an Action/RTS game, kinda like the Dynasty Warrior games but with strategy elements. Plus it allows for up to 4 players online, and each player gets a full 5 squad army. It comes out later this month, and it retails for only $40. But if you preorder it at Outpost.com, you can get it for only $26.50 with free shipping!

Aside from that go, I'm not overly excited about Fable (looks kinda generic, to be honest), though I am quite interested in Silent Hill 4. Although I'm worried about some of the things I've heard about the game...I mean...no flashlight? Is this Silent Hill we're talking about? Otherwise, Burnout 3 is supposed to be really good, but if you don't like racing games it probably won't change your mind (though the online play sounds fun).

stncttr908 09-10-04 07:00 PM

Re: Xbox game to choose
BURNOUT all the way. I might be partial since I don't like RPG's much.

ricercar 09-10-04 07:16 PM

Re: Xbox game to choose
Fable is from the guy who designed Populous and Black & White. It's not likely to have linear storytelling. This guy has a history of making fantastic heuristics for guaranteed different play each time you go through it, based on the decisions you make.

Rob_0126 09-10-04 07:35 PM

Re: Xbox game to choose
It's really tough to decide, because I have Fable on reserve. SH4 is in stores, and so is BO3.

Im not really wanting to race right now considering I have BO2 here.

SH4 could tide me over; sounds interesting.

Fable; only thing I heard bad is the 10 hrs start to finish. :|

Mr. Hunt 09-10-04 07:41 PM

Re: Xbox game to choose
I really doubt Fable is that short.

Rob_0126 09-10-04 07:46 PM

Re: Xbox game to choose

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt
I really doubt Fable is that short.

Well in the article, he said if you skip all the sidequests, and go straight for the main one, it will take 10 hrs.

I really wish game makers would make a game that lasts longer than a freakin miniseries on tv. :|

What ever happened to the old days, when games lasted 30+ hrs at least. :drooling:

Mr. Hunt 09-10-04 10:08 PM

Re: Xbox game to choose
Well if that is true... why skip the sidequests? :\

Rob_0126 09-10-04 10:23 PM

Re: Xbox game to choose

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt
Well if that is true... why skip the sidequests? :\

I see what you mean, but the side quests aren't manditory, and most of us gamers like to be lead by the hand, or restricted from going on, thru quests.

Free roaming games are great, but restrictions are still needed, because most of us follow the path of least resistance, in an rpg. :POKE:

karkrash81 09-10-04 11:45 PM

Re: Xbox game to choose
burnout 3 all the way!!! that game looks sick!!!

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