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BobFritzelpuff 09-11-04 05:15 PM

Help Me
I am trying to run a game that has a system requirement of 'NVidia Detonator 45.23 or better' (I have NVidia Getforce3) and NVidia Generic OpenGL 1.4.0 drivers (I have NVidia corporation 13.1)

I would really like to be able to play the game, but I am computer illiterate. Can somebody please help me?

bonchez 09-11-04 07:08 PM

Re: Help Me
Of course, assuming that you have windows XPor 2000, just click here, if you have windows 98 or ME click here. After you download and install the drivers, it should ask you if you want to start your computer, do it and then see if it works. Please reply telling me if it worked, if not then I'll still be able to help you.

Rytr 09-11-04 07:12 PM

Re: Help Me
BobFritzelpuff ,

Avoid starting multiple threads asking the same question.

Follow up with bonchez.

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