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PaiN 09-11-04 06:02 PM

The EE and 03
Back on the P4EE...I was running some quick benchies this morning and got this @ 230x16 3.68ghz - 6800GT @ 416\1120 (its not near maxed ;))


Blacklash 09-12-04 04:03 PM

Re: The EE and 03
It's no AMD *Grins* and I am sure you will 'get by'. Well done.

EDIT: I might add I heard a nasty rumor that 2gigs of ram keeps the large cache of that chip 'almost always full' for better performance. If you have some about, may want to give it a whirl. Take this with a 'grain of salt' as I have not tried it myself.

PaiN 09-12-04 05:20 PM

Re: The EE and 03
Thanks ...you're right its no AMD ;)
I was pushing to see how the new board would do and here are some #'s:

Settings: P4EE @ 238x16=3.82ghz - 6800GT @ 425\1200 - OCZ PC3700 @ 1:1 cl2.5 3-3-7

3dm01se: 25749

3dm03: 13828

Aquamark: 74605
CPU: 12371
GFX: 10677

Super PI(1M): 34s

Road_Star 09-12-04 08:41 PM

Re: The EE and 03
Nice Work Pain,

I have a 3.4EE too and I take great intrest in your results.
Just air cooling for now but soon to get water or Phase change unit.

You seem to be doing pretty good with water cooling I don't know witch way to go yet. I will do more research befor I lay down the green though.

Keep up the good work, I'll be watching. :)

PaiN 09-12-04 09:57 PM

Re: The EE and 03
Raod...have you tried overclocking your 3.4EE yet..? Is it an LGA775 or S478 CPU?

camelot 09-26-04 03:41 PM

Re: The EE and 03
34 secs too here on superpi :)

Road_Star 10-04-04 04:34 AM

Re: The EE and 03
Sorry for the slow reply. I've not been keeping up on the forum. My CPU is the S478 flavor, and I have overclocked it just 5% using Asus IA on a P4C 800 E motherboard.

5% = Front side Buss ----- 4 x 210 MHz = 840 MHz
= Memory Bus Speed -- 2 x 210 MHz = 420 MHz

When I Try for 10% overclock I get this:

10% = Front Side Buss -------- 4 x 220 MHz = 880 MHz
= Memory Bus Speed ----- 4 x 146 MHz = 292 MHz

I can't keep the Memory Buss Speed up for some reason. Air cooling just not good enough?

PaiN 10-04-04 08:48 AM

Re: The EE and 03
Does the "AI" increase Vcor and Vdimm? If not try a manual increase. Good OCs are all about voltage and thermal control...

btw: I broke 14k in "03" awhile back :D


Road_Star 10-04-04 07:29 PM

Re: The EE and 03
Thanks PaiN,

I took your advice and went back in the setup screen and played with the AI auto tune feature some more. It had some sort of hickup after down clocking the ram and then taking it back up to 400 MHz, I can now get it to do a 10% overclock to 4 x 220 = 880 MHz Front Side Bus and 2 x 220 = 440 MHz Memory Buss Speed.

I ran AquMark3 just to see how things are running and got 74,402

I will run 3DMarks and post my links for you.

Thanks again for making me go back in the bios and figure this thing out! :)

nVestor 10-04-04 11:22 PM

Re: The EE and 03
1 Attachment(s)
Don't mean to butt in but I have the same mobo as you do Road_Star. Might wanna turn AI Overclocking Tuner off and set it to Manual. You will start off at the default fsb which is 200Mhz. From here, you can bump it up however high you wish to go. :)

You have the DRAM Frequency next. I am running my memory @ 1:1 ratio which is the 400 setting. I have been just as successful @ 5:4 as well, this is the 320 setting. Using the 320 setting will keep your memory @ 400Mhz (Using DDR400) at a FSB of 250. Using a 1:1 will result in a 500Mhz (Using DDR400).

I'm hitting 246Mhz FSB with a 1:1 ratio/relaxed memory timings (3-4-4-6) on a 2.8C. This results to a 3.42Ghz overclock running the memory at a PC-3900 rating. :)

In the same area, you will see the option to adjust the VCore Voltage. I've read that 1.575v is acceptable for a EE, though 1.6v may require a better HSF.

I set my DDR Reference Voltage to 2.85v just because... lol. Performance Mode is set to Turbo on mine as well.

Under Advanced>Chipset, you will be able to adjust the memory timmings here. To do this, change the Configure DRAM Timing by SPD to Manual. My memory is pretty weak, so I had to set it to 3-4-4-6.

I turned Acceleration Mode on Auto. This was according to X-bit Labs results when testing the i865 vs. i875 way back when.

I also turned off Spread Spectrum, according to various articles, this hinders maximum overclocks.

Few things to keep in mind. If it will not stay stable in when loading Windows and should reboot, try lowering the FSB down some. If it is stable, try lowering the memory timings.

If it doesn't boot up period and you get a black screen, don't panic. Just unplug the machine and reset the CMOS. Should be on page 2-20 of the manual. :)

I envy them Extreme Editions... lol. Have fun with the new machine.

Lars 10-05-04 10:31 AM

Re: The EE and 03
The P4 EE is a very nice cpu indeed. It's quite good for 3dmark03 and very good forAquamark03 especially. It does ok in 3dmark2001se, but it really starts to shine when above 4 Ghz. Also it responds really well to phasechange cooling, it simply loves the lower temps :)

Nebuchadnezzar 10-05-04 10:53 AM

Re: The EE and 03
Nice comp Lars :drooling:

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