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christof 09-12-04 09:01 AM

FC2 AMD64 x86_64 6800GT freeze very slow

Last week I got a new PC:
mb asus a8v deluxe
cpu AMD athlon 64 3500+
mem 2GB DDR pc3200
vga Aopen 6800 GT 256 MB
disk 3ware 9500 SATA 2x200GB raid 1

and installed FC2 x86_64 on it. Then I downloaded the latest kernel / updates / bios / firmware / ...
kernel = 2.6.8-1.521
nvidia driver = 1.0-6111

After adjusting the xorg.conf file and starting X with the nvidia drivers, all seems fine. glxgears gives a 12,000 fps. But after a certain amount of time (30 secs - several minutes) my X session freezes. It appears frozen, but it get still refresfed very slowly (1 frame / 5 secs according to my opinion). Machine is still running and I can safely reboot via network login or via power button.
I 've already tried the NVagp option, but problem stays. Also tried older nvidia drivers, but no luck either. There are no errors in /var/log/messages and /var/log/Xorg.0.log.

The vga card works (almost) fine under Win XP 32 (haven't tried XP 64). When I say almost: sometimes slow video playback.

Anyone has the same probs? Any suggestions? Any help?


christof 09-12-04 10:04 AM

Re: FC2 AMD64 x86_64 6800GT freeze very slow
update on my post:

Searched through all threads with similar problems: no solution yet.
Tried nvagp 0 and 1 problem stays, fps are just slower. When I launch UT2004, I can play a little time, and then screens flickers and freeze. Even had a corrupted screen and a total lockup: had to use the reset switch.


Compholio 09-12-04 01:26 PM

Re: FC2 AMD64 x86_64 6800GT freeze very slow
Try turning RenderAccel off? You might also see what happens if you restart the display instead of the whole computer when you login over the network, use "gdm-restart" to do that.

christof 09-13-04 01:12 AM

[SOLVED] Re: FC2 AMD64 x86_64 6800GT freeze very slow
I think my problem is solved (stable untill now).
The system locked also up in Windows XP. Therefor I was going to remove the 6800GT and place back my FX5200. That I noticed that the GPU was very hot. The cable to the gpu fan was not well attached, so there was no cooling (except my internal case fans). Attached the cable firmly and now I'm running XP and FC2 fine. (so far)

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