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dividedsky319 09-13-04 09:42 AM

Missing full screen device (video overlay)
I'd like the video overlay to go to full screen mode on the tv my comp is hooked up to... in other words, open up a movie on my PC, and it shows on my PC, but it blows up to full screen on my tv (hooked up via s-video)

I used to do this by making "full screen mode" be the "secondary device" in my settings, but this doesn't seem to be an option anymore.

It worked for a while, until I accidentally pulled the s-video cable out and opened a movie, which must have disabled it.

I have a TI4200 with 61.77 drivers. Any ideas?

morbias 09-14-04 08:25 AM

Re: Missing full screen device (video overlay)
could try cool bits 2.0, this could give you the option you've been looking for. failing that, you could try this tv-tool for nVidia cards: http://www.majorgeeks.com/download403.html .
supports the following tv chips:BT868, BT869, CX25870, CX25871 and CH700x. you can find your tv encoder chip model in the nvidia display properties

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