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dmoran@kcp.com 09-13-04 12:50 PM

OpenGL and Twinview question
I have an FX1100 running with SuSE 9.1, dual monitor setup and the latest Nvidia driver. I read in the Release Notes about how OpenGL and Xinerama with Twinview only displays OpenGL stuff on the left side. I need to run OpenSceneGraph on this machine and can only get half the display to show (the other half is still my desktop). My question is, is there a setting that will allow me run the app across both displays at once? If xscreensaver with an OpenGL can run full screen, why can't OpenSceneGraph (or other GL apps)?

Modem Mercenary 04-13-05 02:19 AM

Re: OpenGL and Twinview question
I'm having the same problem...

I was able to drag OpenGL applications like Celestia and Neverball across
both desktops under SuSE 9.1, 9.2, and Mandrake 9.2, 10, and 10.1. using a Twinview XFree86 configuration.

However, under my current install, I'm unable to do this.

I'm currently using Fedora Core 3, Xorg 6.8.2, and the latest NVidia drivers
Version: 1.0-7174 on an FX9800XT.

I'm testing out different kernel versions so I can't really say which one I use regularly.

Has anyone ecncountered this problem and found a solution?

thank you,
Mod Merc.

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