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borchard 11-05-02 12:05 PM

Linux distros with nvidia drivers
I am currently looking for a rundown of which distros are shipping with nvidia drivers installed. I would like to know because I have managed to toast Redhat several times, and I am tired of messing with their strange compile errors. Like most linux noobs, I don't want to spend hours configuring, I just want to play.
Ben Orchard

Anthaus 11-05-02 02:56 PM

As far as I know, no linux distros have the fully operational nvidia drivers (no 3D-acceleration).
Some people claim that Xandros or Lindows have 'em, but I doubt it. Nvidia's drivers are not open source and, therefore, cannot be shipped with any Linux distro.

Really, installing and configuring nvidia's drivers is not that difficult. If you don't want to spend some hours doing so, just use the rpms with a fresh Red Hat 7.3 installation and tweak the XFConfig-4 file. Besides, there's a bunch of people here in this forum ready to help you.

C'mon, give it a go.

borchard 11-05-02 05:28 PM

the trouble is that I tried it several times, with no success. I didn't do anything strange--I did exactly what the directions said...and toasted my install

lunix 11-06-02 04:25 AM

Gentoo linux has them, but that toatally defeats your motivation to get a dist that just works with no configuring :/

ThorsHammer 11-06-02 08:28 AM

SUSE 8.0 doesnt come with them on the disk , but when you run update and choose to automatically install the updates, the Nvidia driver files get Dled and installed for you. And they work.
So far SUSe was the best an easiest for Nvidia.

borchard 11-06-02 03:24 PM

Thank you. I appreciate your help, as I have only played around with RedHat. What is the story with SlackWare?

drovar 02-25-03 02:40 PM

>Some people claim that Xandros or Lindows have 'em, but I doubt it.

Xandros does indeed have them installed. The drivers are installed and configured on installation.

borchard 02-25-03 02:52 PM

Thanks Everyone
I appreciate the help everyone gave me. I finally was able to configure Suse 8.1 with the drivers, and I enjoy it immensely. I am now playing UT2003 on my boxen at 800x600, and getting ~30fps, depending on the map.

I REALLY enjoy this game, and hope other companies will start to release their games in a similar fashion.:)

doug_q 02-22-04 02:22 PM

response to xandros... they weren't automatically installed on my 2.0 install.... :(

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