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Gaco 09-14-04 10:20 AM

SCRAPLAND - Grap the demo while you still can!
A demo of the very promising game named scrapland was earlier released, then pulled back by the publisher. A new official demo has just been released, gamershell has it:http://www.gamershell.com/news/17756.html

EDIT: An official and 100% approved demo has just been released

John Romeo and Amercan McGee is working together on this very promising title.
Described from the McGee himself:


"First, imagine a futuristic world that gracefully combines all your favorite things about the cities in films like "star wars", "5th element", and "blade runner". towering skyscrapers, gleaming neon billboards, traffic routes pulsing with hundreds of flying vehicles, dark wastelands, techno-vibrant commercial districts, and a unique soul that completely immerses you in another place and time. combine this with some of the most original characters to ever grace a video game... and the ability to play as any of these characters at any time.
the gameplay is split between indoor and outdoor action. while running through the various buildings in scrapland you'll be engaged in classic mission solving, character interaction, and various forms of combat. you start the game as main character "d-tritus" but quickly realize that any character in the game can become a sort of temporary "vehicle". jumping into another character is as simple as clicking a button. each character type comes with its own inherent abilities; some missions are more easily solved using one type over another.
outdoor gameplay focuses on piloting a wide range of combat ships through the airspace above scrapland. there are literally dozens of different types of ships, and hundreds of different combinations to be had when creating your own ships from scratch. choose the best engines, weapons, hulls, and special features to create something original... or just steal someone else's ship."
And now some quotes from scrapland.com:


Scrapland is a third person action-adventure game set in a stunningly beautiful and futuristic future occupied by an amazing array of robotic characters. The play experience is driven by a solid engaging, sometimes humorous adventure narrative. The game mechanic combines proven GTA3 style emergent action with an immersive storyline, diversity of player action, and complete freedom of movement through the world.
Throughout the game the player can: transform into any of 15 character types inheriting unique abilities, biold and pilot ships with hundreds of permutations, engage in explosive combat, participate in life-on-the-line races, and freely explore a truly dynamic and living world.

Key features
  • A spectacular science fiction world: Scrapland presents the player with one of the most highly detailed and visually stunning video game worlds ever seen. From the luminous skyscrapers of Downtown to the treacherous caverns of the Scrapyard, this is a world that begs to be explored.
  • Combat and racing with customizable gunships: Steal, borrow, build and fly any and every type of space ship you can imagine. Literally hundreds of different varieties of ships are at your disposal in the world of Scrapland. Outfit your ship with the most powerful engines, most devastating weapons, and then test it in life-or-death combat against other pilots.
  • Open structure narrative: A comleeing storyline with depth and emotion draws you into the world and introduces you to dozens of unique and memorable characters. You choose how to overcome obstacles and when to move the story forward. This is a rich world that offers exploration, challange, and surprises around every turn.
  • Dynamic character switching: Scrapland offers unparralleled freedom to play however, and as whomever, you wish. Instantly and seamlessly switch between over a dozen character types, automaically inheriting new abilities. Gain unfettered access to off-limit areas, deceive foes, and employ unique powers at the clock of a button.
  • Multiplayer mayhem: Few games deliver sich a spectacular single player experiance AND integrate hard-core multiplayer mayhem like Scrapland. Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and other multiplayer modes allow you to import ships built in single player to online areanas.

  • Realistic custom pixel shaders: reflective surfaces with environment bump-mapping, clouds, holograms, etc.
  • Dynamic lightning for characters, ships and other objects.
  • Dynamic stencil shadows with self-shadowing - seamlessly integrated with illumination of the scenery, based on radiosity lightmap. Allows for both stunning visuals and high performance.
  • Skeletal animation system with smooth interpolation between animations, dynamic control over the orientation of nodes, several animation channels per character and a morphing system for highly expressive character models.
  • Visibility culling based on portal rendering optimized for hardware T&L.
  • Visual FX: flares, trails, electric beams, particles, glow, procedural textures (whatever that is - Gaco), fire, explosions, smoke, etc.
  • Rendered video to texture effects sich as TV panels (like in Doom3 :D - Gaco)
  • Full-screen effects such as deformation motion blur and bloom/glare.
  • Procedural node effects to simulate hair and clothes.
  • 3D sound FX and streaming music and voices.

Thats was the concept, some features and technology. Now go see some screenshots, read the story on www.scrapland.com and get hyped :nanahump:

I know that many of us are pretty immune to the marketing bullsh1t posted above, but if just half of what they promise come true, this is gonna be a real killer-game..!

Gaco 09-14-04 10:28 AM

Re: SCRAPLAND - Grap the demo while you still can!

SH0DAN 09-15-04 10:47 AM

Re: SCRAPLAND - Grap the demo while you still can!
thanks,saw screenshots in a mag recently,hope to play it soon.

Gaco 09-15-04 11:00 AM

Re: SCRAPLAND - Grap the demo while you still can!
IMO the various screenshots from this game doesn't look so impressive, but it looks much more impressive in real-time. This game could very well turn into one of this years big surprises! :D

I also think that the demo have great music, which is important to any videogame! Just look at Deus Ex, System Shock 2, Hitman series, Freedom Fighters, where would all these games be without the musical themes? :)

SH0DAN 09-15-04 11:08 AM

Re: SCRAPLAND - Grap the demo while you still can!
true,music is very important.have you played the demo yet?? I'm still downloading it,at 75 KB sec.90 megs down,200 to go.

LiquidX 09-15-04 11:10 AM

Re: SCRAPLAND - Grap the demo while you still can!
I think it would have been better of on the consoles than the pc. The music is great and the graphics above average and very shiny. It didnt hold me so will pass until it hits the bargin bin.

Gaco 09-15-04 12:10 PM

Re: SCRAPLAND - Grap the demo while you still can!
Just finished the demo a few hours ago.

Overall my impression was very positive, but we must keep in mind that this demo was actually withdrawn. My guess is that the demo was send out for people in the press but mistakenly got released somewhere as a public demo and they then pulled it back because they didn't think the demo would represent the values of the final game. It cannot be denied that the game feels a little like a little "consolish", but thats exactly why I think they wanted it pulled back. The graphics are very nice, sound and interface is all good, perhaps a little simple. But again, this is just a demo...

I really look forward to see how this game turns out :)

Crawdaddy79 09-15-04 12:11 PM

Re: SCRAPLAND - Grap the demo while you still can!
A lot of Scrapland's programmers also worked on the four year old forgotten about game Blade of Darkness. Screenshot of shadowplay

Gaco 09-15-04 12:14 PM

Re: SCRAPLAND - Grap the demo while you still can!
Forgot to mention one other thing making a game great: Humor! I mean, where would Giants: Citizen Kabuto be without humor? (oh that game had everything.. graphics, sound, gameplay and humor... those were the days :))

SH0DAN 09-15-04 12:30 PM

Re: SCRAPLAND - Grap the demo while you still can!
I spent way too much time playing Giants,incredible game all around.

karkrash81 09-16-04 01:05 PM

Re: SCRAPLAND - Grap the demo while you still can!
I was surprised...it's different from any game out there right now...i'm impressed so far...can't wait til the whole game comes out...

my only complaint is that there are too many buttons to press...i like streamlined intuitive controls...

but my question is...what the heck does American McGee do to get his name put on it? If i remember correctly he wasn't part of the development of this game until recently...

it might perturb me if i had been working on a game for a while and some dude comes in and his name gets plastered all over your game?

though, alice was one of the most memorable games i've played (visually at least)...

Gaco 09-24-04 05:20 AM

Re: SCRAPLAND - Grap the demo while you still can!
Gamershell has just made a short 1-page preview of Scrapland. The preview focuses both on the goodness and the weakness in the game. Luckily, the game is still under development, huh? :)


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