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Slyder 09-15-04 05:26 AM

A situation...
Picture this :

You have just upgraded from a GeForce 4 MX 64meg card, to an FX5700 LE. You only have a television which works wonders with your old card, and seems to do the job just nicely atm, because your system is formatted. Windows is on, updates are in place and you still have a picture on your telly via your new card.

Now you decide to go and download the latest drivers for your card. They install fine, so you reboot. Something different now happens. You see the splash screen, "Windows XP Professional" but it changes for a split second, from colour to b&w then you loose the signal all together. You can still hear the Windows intro music start up, so now what do you do. ?

This happened to a friend of mine, and the obvious thing is to get hold of a monitor, plug that in for a moment to tell the drivers to use the telly as a main monitor, but what if this is not possibly as in this case ?

I bought his card round to my house, and the moment I installed the drivers, I got a picture. It was ghosting in places, but I put that down to the rig it was in. (its a little old to say the least)

The picture on his telly is perfect, untill he installs the drivers which are basically saying "get a proper display m8" Which for money, room, and princaple reasons, is not going to happen.

So any ideas ?

I thought, maybe I could change a reg key in safe mode ? but unsure what I would have to change if anything.

Slyder 09-16-04 02:24 PM

Re: A situation...

Slyder 09-18-04 03:42 AM

Re: A situation...
Nevermind, we fixed it.

We pluged it into a Sony widescreen TV via s-video and it worked perfectly, so my friend got hold of one of these for 3.99 from a local shop.


All is well,
Thanks anyways.

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