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zenwhen 09-17-04 05:49 PM

Stuttering in UT2K4, and general Desktop choppyness.
Well I switched from ATi to Nvidia. I installed an FX5700.

Driver install (6111) went well. nv_check.sh says there are no conflicting files. Quake 3 runs great.

UT2K4 however, is now very choppy. The sound goes out, and the game stutters. It was fine before with my Radeon 9800 Pro. I am using very conservative settings here and have a 3.0Ghz P4 and 1Gb of PC3200. I know the game should perform worse with this card, but not this poorly.

I think somehting is wrong.

First of all, is it normal for the image below to say "Bus Type: PCI" for an AGP card?


Next, do the Nvidia drivers have serious problems running games in Linux if a second monitor is enabled? Is there an easy way to disable a monitor? (without editing xorg.conf)

I dont know... I just expected more of a change in desktop rendering from what was told to me about the Nvidia drivers.

Here is my xorg.conf.


Does anyone have any suggestions?

zenwhen 09-17-04 07:51 PM

Re: Stuttering in UT2K4, and general Desktop choppyness.
I solved the issue by changing Nvagp from "1" to "2".

Life is good.


orgee 09-30-04 04:38 AM

Re: Stuttering in UT2K4, and general Desktop choppyness.
Hey dude, im just wondering, when you mean stutter... you mean like right in the beginning where it shows the Nvidia logo, it stutters, sound turns off, and then it lags a bit in the animation of the nvidia logo getting broken by the alien? and also, when you run a game in 2k4, does it lag and the sound acts like its having hiccups and what not? And lastly, what kind of motherboard do you have?

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