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intercede007 11-06-02 10:10 AM

Linux on a Laptop : Software
Anyone out there aware of a utility to show battery life for linux? I couldn't find anything on linux-laptop.net. It's a Presario 1200XL300 using RedHat 8.

Thanks for the help.

mtrr 11-06-02 10:47 AM

acpi enabled kernel? or apm? anyway, gkrellm
is really neat :) look at freshmeat.net and search
for apm or acpi, there are many monitor apps for
different window-managers and desktop environments.


intercede007 11-06-02 01:25 PM

LOL!!! geez..there is more to this then I thought. Thanks for the tips man.

Matthyahuw 11-06-02 01:45 PM

I thought RH8 came with one built-in? at least in KDE I saw it...go thru the KDE Control Panel...

netviper13 11-06-02 06:57 PM

I've certainly got that panel with my RH8 install, and it's not even on a laptop, lol...If I was in Linux right now I'd tell you where it is, but I'm not...pretty sure it's in the Preferences menu in KDE.

intercede007 11-06-02 07:18 PM

Hehe..thanks fella's!!! I kinda feel like those disenfranchised PC users in the OS-X commercials.

Thanks again!

netviper13 11-06-02 07:35 PM

It's definitely not the friendliest piece of software for first-time users, that's for darn sure.

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