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ajmould 11-07-02 10:17 AM

Redhat 8.0 slowdown problems..
Aaaagh! This is so weird. I have the following setup: -

AMD Athlon Tbird 1.4Ghz
ECS K7S5A Motherboard
512Mb 133Mhz SDRam
Western Digital Caviar SE8Mb 120Gb
Creative Nvidia Geforce 4 Ti4200
Soundblaster Live! Value
Adaptec SCSI card
Yamaha 16x 10x 40x SCSI CDWriter
Hitatchi DVD-ROM

Redhat seems to randomly slow down on me and I've no idea what is causing it. Sometimes it's at log on, and sometimes it's just when I start an application. It just feels really laggy. Please bear in mind that I am a relative newbie when replying (only 1 week old!)

I have redhat set up with 100Mb for boot, 1024Mb for swap and 27Gb as /.


ajmould 11-07-02 10:19 AM

Oh, and I've installed the latest Nvidia drivers. (Grins with pride).

de><ta 11-07-02 02:22 PM

what kind of an application are you firing up, if it is ut2k3 yeah i share the same problem, but if it is general such as terminal or file manager etc. then something is wrong.

Basically is some background process running which is chewing up your cpu time. I forgot wether it is ps -v or ps -l k ??? . In window2k you can see the thread and cpu time allocation but in linux you can actually manage it ;) :D

but try typing "man ps" and see the option which allows you to monitor how your kernel is allocating the cpu threads or active thread processes (i am not sure if it works on all versions of linux or only on turbo linux???).
Once i had that problem when i set up an active background and had its thread priority at full. It made my system slow every time i moved my mouse:D and i got worried it was some virus on linux !!!

ajmould 11-08-02 03:11 PM

I think that I may have solved the problem. It seemed to be the memory speed settings that I had set in the bios. Windows was flying along with them all turned up to full, but linux did not seem to like it at all. Since turning them down everything seems to have improved performance wise in Linux.

I wonder why windows can cope with and benefit from it but Redhat can't?

It's still a little slow though - perhaps more tweaking is needed. I checked the CPU thread thing and nothing looked too out of the ordinary. Which threads are worth prioritising to boost overall performance? (Or decreasing as the case may be)..

Thanks for your help btw. Steep learning curve here.:D

de><ta 11-08-02 04:47 PM

wow forgot all about hardware..... i was on the software train of thoughts.

the linux learning curve is exponential by the way:D (and window is a negative logarithmic curve... urghhh lousy linear algebra classes.):D ;)

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