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john19055 09-26-04 06:41 AM

Why can't I load Half Life 1
when I try to load HL it it says it is a 16bit game and will not load ,I tried to set the compatibility to windows 95 but it still want load ,I think the sp2 patch is causeing it I know I used to have it installed on my computer when I had my 9800pro installed.Is there away around this to get it istalled without haveing to uninstall SP2.

Seoulstriker 09-26-04 07:35 AM

Re: Why can't I load Half Life 1
It's cuz Valve and HL1 both suck. :ORDER:

Diamond_G 09-26-04 09:14 AM

Re: Why can't I load Half Life 1
I recall there being a patch that you have to apply before it will run/install

Woodelf 09-26-04 09:31 AM

Re: Why can't I load Half Life 1
You need to subscribe to steam now since your license has expired, you will then down load a temporary demo license untill your your current one can be verified, at which point as you will auto download portions of the new (very soon to be released) half life 2. your new will be included with it, at which point you will be sent (via e-mail) a key activation code verification authorization link that you must click on to verify your correct e-mail address allowing your new key activation code to be sent to you via steam. Just kidding.

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