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internet_malky 09-27-04 08:03 AM

FX 5600 game errors
Hi, I recently bought Far cry. I had previously played the demo and it looked perfect but now, for some strange reason, there are flickering tiny black boxes everywhere, usually in the background and on characters.

I uninstalled the card then installed it again with the latest Nvidia drivers. Now this square thing is happening with all my games, even old ones, it makes them unplayable.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times, I am currently using the omega drivers that I found, but still no luck.

Can anyone help?

Windows XP sp1 (i think)
3ghz P4
896mb ram
Geforce fx5600 128mb ram

saturnotaku 09-27-04 08:42 AM

Re: FX 5600 game errors
Did you patch the game? Far Cry 1.0 has major issues with NVIDIA hardware. 1.1 fixes most of them and 1.2 even more. Search through the games forum for a working link to the 1.2 patch (Crytek pulled it because it caused problems on ATI cards).

internet_malky 09-27-04 09:26 AM

Re: FX 5600 game errors
I did, it had no effect.

The demo worked fine with this card, and it's not just far cry that it is happening with

Roguestar191 09-27-04 08:06 PM

Re: FX 5600 game errors
Try changing to 56.xx drivers, you can also try the starstorm drivers for performance

internet_malky 09-28-04 01:12 PM

Re: FX 5600 game errors
I tried the 56 drivers, and even older ones I had. It is still doing it.

I have no idea what to do, I can't think of anything that has changed to make it do this.

Can someone please help

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