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sptw 09-27-04 05:47 PM

Nvidia 1.0-6111 don't boot to Xserver
Hi there,

I'm out of action.Need a little help.I tried "search" but nothing that can help me.The distro is MDK 10.1.I installed the Nvidia 1.0-6111, and now every new boot i need to do a modprobe nvidia to load Xserver.Modprobe.preload already has nvidia-agp.I tried alias char-major-195 nvidia in modules.conf, but no go.
any thoughts?
Thanks in advance.

sptw 09-27-04 05:58 PM

Re: Nvidia 1.0-6111 don't boot to Xserver
Ok, i made i little change in modprobe.preload to use only nvidia, and it is working now.Is there any difference between nvidia-agp and nvidia only there?Am i missing something doing that?

LordMorgul 09-29-04 05:45 PM

Re: Nvidia 1.0-6111 don't boot to Xserver
nvidia-agp is a module built from your kernel sources to support agp mode on nforce chipsets, it is not part of the nvidia driver you installed. nvidia is the kernel module built as part of the driver. You must have both loaded if you are using the kernel's agp support (agpgart) and have an nforce chipset (nvidia-agp is chipset specific part of agpgart, for instance there is also an intel-agp).

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