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alfa2k1 08-03-02 10:11 PM

RedHAT didn't like nVidia GeForce 4 MX 440
Hi there!

I got Inno 3D GeForce4MX 440 with 64 Mb DDR memory.

I have installed RedHat 7.3 Official Release with Kernel 2.4.7 inside. I've choosen GeForce 4 Generic as the graphics adapter, and selected graphical logon mode.

After the machine restarted, RedHat initialized itself, and tried to enter graphical logon mode. But the only thing that is shown was the command prompted logon, just 500 mseconds in every 3 seconds. It seriously flashes and disappears. Nothing let me exit, only after Ctrl+alt+del makes my machine reboot.

I'm totally newbie about Linux and the driver, Please tell me what should I do? Is there any tutorials about configuring display drivers withing console mode? What type of driver should I have?

Thanks a lot


Symntc 08-03-02 11:18 PM

Check info at here, http://www.nvidia.com/view.asp?PAGE=linux


If the video comes up, but doesn't look right, you may need to add the following to your /etc/modules.conf:

alias char-major-195 NVdriver
options NVdriver NVreg_SoftEDIDs=0 NVreg_Mobile=2

Finally, switch the logon to text mode to make your debugging process easier

Nixdisciple 08-03-02 11:22 PM

Hmmm never heard of that happening before have you updated your kernel? I will do a littl research on it and see what i can come up with for ya.

Nixdisciple 08-03-02 11:38 PM


I am curious though i noticed that there are two architecture 386 and 686. Can he download any one or would it depend on how fast his processor is?

I would say though that have under 300mhz would use 386 and those that are 300 and above would usse the 686 architecture. Does that sound right to you? Or anyone else who might read this post.

ScuzziOne 08-03-02 11:58 PM

I'm running a Visiontek GeForce4 Xtasy MX440 under RedHat7.3. The default drivers with RH7.3 also locked my system up when starting the X server. Downloaded and installed the latest drivers (version 1.0-2960) from the nVidia website to correct the problem. Since you can't start the X server, you'll need to boot up in non-graphical mode (run level 3, I believe) and install the drivers there. Don't recall off-hand exactly how I got set up to boot to non-graphical. I believe there was some sort of recovery or shell option on the installation CD that I used modify my /etc/inittab file. Anyway, however you do it, you need to modify the default run level in the /etc/inittab file to run level 3 (or whatever level full-up non-graphical is... assuming my memory may be a little foggy! It tells you what levels are what via comments in this file.) There may also be other ways to boot non-graphical... anybody???

Anyway, once you're booting non-graphical, you can install the new drivers, modify your /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file using vi, and type startx to try out your setup. If you manage to get locked up, simply reboot back around and have at your XF86Config-4 file again to correct whatever is goofed. Keep this up until startx correctly fires up X. Once everything is working, you can then modify the /etc/inittab file back to graphical default if you'd like.

Best of Luck!

ScuzziOne 08-04-02 12:02 AM

Oh yeah,

There's an application/script called nvchooser available at the nVidia Linux download site that may be used to determine whether you need the 386 or 686 version of the driver files.

The readme file at this site also has installation instructions... :)

Again, Good Luck!

alfa2k1 08-04-02 04:24 AM

Thanx guys, thanx much for taking me seriously.

But I'm really a newbie about XFree86.conf or else. What I really need is a stupid tutorial just for dummies. Can anybody provide something?

What was I see druing computer reboot, written "i686". I have P4 1.7Ghz machine with 400mhz board bus speed. Is it about that? If so what it means?

Also when I try to bootup with Redhat disc1, what shall I choose? There is a recovery console option but it simply shells to console mode and as I said before I don't know anything about editing files or modifiying conf files during a console session. All I know is basic navigation.

I know that nvidia drivers can't be installed within X, you need to go console but HOW CAN I CHANGE MY CONF THAT IT BOOTS WITH CONSOLE? You say it Runlevel.

Thanks everybody! Thank you really really much.


Symntc 08-04-02 05:54 AM

You better reinstall your linux, (:-)
1 insert disk one, when it started,l Press Enter, Linxu will bring you to graphic installation
2 following the instruction, partion your hard disk, configure your video card....
3 start install linux components
4 at some stage, you have a chance to choose "when boot, use text logon or graphic logon". CHOOSE TEXT LOGON at here, it will help you a lot.
5 once installnation finished, boot your linux and log in, then, follow my first post

(BTW, do you know how to use VI to edit the /etc/modules.conf
file? (:-)) if you don't use "pine".

Symntc 08-04-02 06:00 AM

Almost forget, if you use LILO to boot, presse Ctrl+X to bring a text prompt then type "linux single" which will bring you to run leve 1. Not sure about the other booting program. Can't even remember the name. (:-)

alfa2k1 08-04-02 02:54 PM

Hi there great dude!

I've reinstalled RedHat, and this time I've selected GeForce 2 MX Generic as the display driver. I can work within X now. But there are things (FOR THE LAST TIME) I need to know. Please help again. :(

First: What if I install GLX package with i386 type, and a i686 type driver withing same computer? Will they communicate? I ask this because there is no i686 GLX in nVidia's page. There are Source packages, but I f**king don't know anything about recompiling a source package. That's why I need binary ones.

Second: RedHat correctly recognizes my monitor, I select the resolution. It's perfect. Except one thing. I need to change refresh rate to 75 rather then 85. Because my monitor makes noises with 85hz. BUT I COUDN'T FIND ANY XCONFIG PROGRAM TO CHANGE REFRESH RATE??

And the last one, I've choosen to add a bootloader in Primary boot partition rather then Master boot record. I did this because RedHat told me to do so if I have NT in my computer. But when I reboot, I can't see any bootloaders, just f**king XP starts, with no prompt. How can I reinstall LILO?


Take it easy!


Symntc 08-04-02 06:17 PM

the GLX driver will suit for both i386 and i686 architecture, don't worry about that.

Use xconfigurator to configure your x-window, you can choose your screen resolution and frequency at some stage. (:-)

For your LILO, because i haven't played with it for long time, so i don't dare to give you any advice. You better search the web. But i am surprised you still got Windows NT on your machine. You sure it is not Win2000 or WinXP? I am running Linux and winXP on my notebook. I choose to install bootloader at MBR, it works fine.

alfa2k1 08-05-02 08:22 AM

You've fixed a lot
Thanks dude! Your help resurrected me. :)

Now, I have a slow-working RedHat, with GeForce2 drivers emulated. :)

I tried to install NVIDIA_GLX-1.0-2960.i386.rpm and it said me that
NVIDIA_KERNEL is required. What's that? Should I install drivers before installing GLX? Or do I need some libraries to use this package? 'cause I've insalled redhat with stupid packages. I didn't install any developer packages.

Thanks again and again.


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