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cam9786 09-27-04 06:20 PM

Possible PC Gamer UK Special HL2 Review!!!!
This just in:

Half-Life 2 Review.

Yes, you read that right.

We can't hold back our excitement any longer - Half-Life 2 is reviewed in the next issue of PC Gamer, on sale Oct 5. Our UK exclusive features eight pages on the biggest game ever to hit the PC. We've toyed with the gravity gun, gone toe-to-toe with the Overwatch, and watched in awe as the Striders strut.

Thanks to planethalflife for this info

Doom 3 was reviewed in August Issue of PC Gamer, could it be that HL2 will be an October release? Let's hope so.

Gaco 09-27-04 06:32 PM

Re: Possible PC Gamer UK Special HL2 Review!!!!
Yes, just read that too!!!

And futhurmore:

"We certainly have an exciting couple of months ahead of us. I know I have said it in almost every single news post about Half-Life 2 over the past few weeks but the wait is indeed nearly over and we'll shortly find out whether or not the wait has been worth it. With at least three magazines so far confirming printed reviews in October, we're finally going to get a verdict on the game we've all been waiting for. Here's the review schedule as it stands so far:

PC Gamer UK: Tuesday 5th October 2004
PC Gameplay NL: Tuesday 5th October 2004
PC Zone UK: Friday 8th October 2004

So far, the American magazines have all been very tight-lipped about whether or not they will be covering Half-Life 2 in their next issues but I'm sure they'll follow the trend, along with other magazines worldwide. And as if this wasn't enough to get you excited already, our forum member, uziholda, informed me over the weekend that he'd received a personal response to an e-mail from Mark Donald, editor of PC Gamer UK. He says so little but yet so much:

uziholda: ...was [Half-Life 2] what you guys expected?
Mark Donald: More"

Source: http://www.halflife2.net//

So suddenly it seems very likely that we will have the first reviews within the upcoming days and weeks. Counter-Strike Source should now also be available in full version:

Source: http://ve3d.ign.com/articles/551/551763p1.html/

So hopefully we will see Half-Life 2 going gold in a few weeks now :jumping:

Seoulstriker 09-27-04 07:21 PM

Re: Possible PC Gamer UK Special HL2 Review!!!!
Don't be too optimistic. Valve and HL both suck dick. :ORDER:

lIqUID 09-27-04 07:47 PM

Re: Possible PC Gamer UK Special HL2 Review!!!!
wow :rolleyes: I care about 1000% less for this game than I did a year ago. I think many people after FINALLY getting it will be sorely disappointed.

Omega53 09-27-04 07:58 PM

Looky Looky!!!!!

Subtestube 09-27-04 08:07 PM

Re: Looky Looky!!!!!
Hang on.. weren't people saying it was going to appear in the October issue? That says December...

aAv7 09-27-04 08:09 PM

Re: Looky Looky!!!!!
where'd you find that at!? You sure it isnt photoshopped?

circuitbreaker8 09-27-04 08:11 PM

Re: Looky Looky!!!!!
It probably is

cam9786 09-27-04 08:11 PM

Re: Looky Looky!!!!!
Look at my thread and then look at this one. Something tells me that HL2 is coming in October. Come on, people, orange and black logo? Gotta be October!

|JuiceZ| 09-27-04 08:22 PM

Re: Looky Looky!!!!!

aAv7 09-27-04 08:23 PM

Re: Looky Looky!!!!!
But it's been orange and black since last year, when it was supposed to be out 9/30. I dont think the color of a logo has much to do with a release =) I hope it does come out in october. I really do. But at this point, i'm not getting excited till I see it on a store shelf. EVEN reading an official statement saying "gone gold" wont excite me, cause there's still the chance dumb****s VUG will hold the game back pending their lawsuit vs. valve.

aaahhh52 09-27-04 09:05 PM

Re: Looky Looky!!!!!
lol any body could photoshop that thing with there hands behind there back, as shown above ^^ :P this game no longer excites me

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