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Cheimison 09-27-04 10:19 PM

What Game Should I Get?
I want to buy a new game to play and since you people apparently play 'video' games, I thought I'd get some reccomendations here. I don't care whether it's new or been out for a year or two, but these are the basic qualifications and preferences I have on games:

I Need:
Decent Graphics: Something on par with Raven Shield or better, although it doesn't have to look fancy plastic FX like everything Unreal does, just detailed models and good lighting.
First Person Shooter or Very Similar: I'm all about the shooters, I like working with firearms in as realistic a way as possible. Something very close (like Splinter Cell, perhaps) would be acceptable, but if at all possible, FPS.

I Like:
WW2 - Near Future Military: Anything from Kar98s to FN 2000 rifles works for me. I like a gritty, deadly, militaristic feel to my firearms.
Big Levels: Big outdoor levels with forests and sniping/machinegunning points definitly interest me. Levels with Tribes/BF 1942esque levels are kewl.
Good Enemy AI: While I don't think any brilliant professor at MIT has yet managed to produce AI that doesn't get stuck on doors (imagine the future, robot controlled Terminators storm the Pentagon - only to get stuck like Larry, Curly and Moe!) enemies that use squad tactics, operate vehicles etc. really help make a game immersive.
Slow-Medium Paced Multiplayer: I like multiplayer like Operation Flashpoint: A long period of hiding and running interrupted by a few extremely lethal encounters.
Co-Op: This is my favourite gameplay mode, ever. A game with a good Co-Op mode would be excellent.

Things I Don't Like So Much:
Sci-Fi: Although I read a fair amount of Sci-Fi (mainly 'hard' Sci-Fi) the military purist in me revolts at the thought of weapons in the future being incapable of hitting anything, and that sort of thing. Plus aliens make for goofy enemies.

Games I've Demo'd:
Call of Duty and Medal of Honor: Allied Assault both appealed to me. The CoD series seemed more realistic and I loved the iron sights (although still pretty Arcady), whereas MoH seemed to be a smoother, more intuitive game. I'd like to hear your opinion on the pros and cons of these games compared to one another.

karkrash81 09-27-04 10:23 PM

Re: What Game Should I Get?
Far Cry comes to mind.

Hitman Contracts is very fun.

Both of those would give you two totally different styles of play...action packed...and then stealthy.

jAkUp 09-27-04 10:27 PM

Re: What Game Should I Get?
mmmmm farcry....

Also, MOH Pacific Assault demo is out if you havent tried that already

theultimo 09-27-04 10:31 PM

Re: What Game Should I Get?
I'd recommend Joint Ops for BIG areas/server battles.

Cheimison 09-27-04 10:44 PM

Re: What Game Should I Get?

Originally Posted by jAkUp
mmmmm farcry....

Also, MOH Pacific Assault demo is out if you havent tried that already

I just now played it, man those iron sights are killer. I jacked the first Japanese rifle I found, it sucks but bolt actions are so neat!

aAv7 09-27-04 11:44 PM

Re: What Game Should I Get?
Battlefield Vietnam may appeal to you...it's love/hate with that game. No one seems to be in the middle.

Mistah-Bozack 09-27-04 11:52 PM

Re: What Game Should I Get?
Call of Duty: UO

Everything you need. :)

Smokey 09-28-04 03:51 AM

Re: What Game Should I Get?
IMO, there still isnt a game out yet that can replace RVS in terms of gameplay, and no other game has weapons models that look as good :)

I am currently waiting for STALKER.

stncttr908 09-28-04 10:44 AM

Re: What Game Should I Get?
Joint Ops fits right into what you're requesting. It's a freakin' hog though, so you're going to have to be running a decent system.

Riptide 09-28-04 10:48 AM

Re: What Game Should I Get?
Give CoD:UO a try.

vampireuk 09-28-04 12:36 PM

Re: What Game Should I Get?
Americas Army?

CaptNKILL 09-28-04 12:59 PM

Re: What Game Should I Get?
Try out Vietcong. Theres a demo available. I dont know how popular it is but I think its great. The best jungle fighting ive seen in a game, plus a pretty healthy weapons selection, iron sight aiming... its pretty realistic too. The multiplayer is great.

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