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nobody551 09-28-04 11:53 AM

new driver 1.0-6111 for Linux X86 Suse 9
I just did the Yast online update, but the fetch nvidia installer intalls a older version than 1.0-6111.

I have to install the new driver because of the Softimage CErtification issue.
By the way what´s meant by that?
I have two machines: one with Quadro FX 3400 and one GEforce 2 GTS.
After Installing the 1.0-6111 driver manually with the .run file from the nvidia website it reports to me a warning that my kernel is configured to load the module "rivafb". And if I will load that module the driver will not function properly. I have checked the module it is NOT loaded.
Anyway, After rebooting the nvidia logo appears for 1 second, but after that the xserver flickers 2 or 4 times and freezes mit lots of colored blocks.
THX in advance.

LordMorgul 09-29-04 05:43 PM

Re: new driver 1.0-6111 for Linux X86 Suse 9
Make sure the kernel module 'nvidia' is loaded before you start X, if you are not certain that it is being auto loaded then boot to text mode only first, then load the module before you start X (either by startx or changing to graphical runlevel). After attempting to boot the machine with the nvidia driver, reboot to runlevel 3 and copy the X log file to somewhere it will not be overwritten.. then you can start X using the nv driver. Come back here and post your X config and the log file attached to this thread.

The warning about rivafb means that your kernel was compiled with support for rivafb, not that you are using it. It is only a warning that using rivafb will not work, so, don't use it and you will be fine.

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