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archil 09-28-04 03:01 PM

Linux Sucks!
Now that I have your attention, is there no way to stop this damn flicker problem?

I find it hard to believe that there is not a single soul in the linux community that has been able to overcome this issue.

One interesting fact I found is that upon the initial install of the nvidia 6111 drivers, and prior to a reboot, everything works great! No flicker, smooth avi play, smooth dvd play. However as soon as I restart X or reboot the machine, it's a HP zd7260 laptop w/ fedora core 2, the flicker starts and dvd and avi play fails at each flicker.

I have also found that using "xrandr -s 800x600" will allow dvd playback, but I am still having issues with avi playback.

Does anyone have any info on updated drivers or at least that nvidia is working on the problem?

I hate having to return to windows to watch a simple avi, qt, or mpeg file.

...struggling with the thought that linux may not always be better,


whig 09-28-04 09:24 PM

Re: Linux Sucks!
If you are getting "tearing" read the nvidia readme about vblank syncing. That is if flicker = tearing.

archil 09-28-04 10:21 PM

Re: Linux Sucks!
I don't think it is the same thing. The flicker is a screen flicker about every 10 minutes or so.

But, I'll try anything at this point.


newlinuxguy 09-29-04 04:54 AM

Re: Linux Sucks!
use the new xorg 6.8.1 with gnome 2.8

recently gtk was update with double-buffer so the screen gets drawn in buffer. this should solve the tearing issue. (something similar)

Lithorus 09-29-04 06:42 AM

Re: Linux Sucks!
I have the same problem but mine doesn't stop playback. I once had a debian install which worked without flickering after I had gone through some tweaking, but I **cked up my installation and had to reinstall. And now I have the flickering again. I can't completely remember what I tweaked and how, but I think it was related to which options I compiled in the kernel.

newlinuxguy 09-29-04 08:21 AM

Re: Linux Sucks!
do u get those on gnome/kde or any particular window manager ? or is it universal ?

archil 09-29-04 09:27 AM

Re: Linux Sucks!
I am in the process of installing debian manually. I will try the xorg 6.8.1/gnome 2.8 thing and see if that solves anything.

I am far from familiar with recompiling the kernel so that would take some research. I am hoping that nvidia will address the problem, but I don't know of anyone who has heard back from them.

I refuse to give up, but this issue is becoming disheartening.

newlinuxguy 09-29-04 10:33 AM

Re: Linux Sucks!

I am far from familiar with recompiling the kernel so that would take some research.
fedora core 3 - test 2 has both...incase if u want to try it out.

archil 10-01-04 11:48 AM

Re: Linux Sucks!
I tried fedora core 3 test and still had the flicker problem, so I don't think gnome or xorg will be the solution.



whig 10-01-04 05:01 PM

Re: Linux Sucks!
You could try the "nv" or "vesa" driver... some things won't work because no 3D etc but their results could give you more clues.

Another thing. I was playing q3a and the game would stutter about twice a minute. It came right after I compiled IDE support for motherboard into the kernel.

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