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gindulo 09-28-04 11:36 PM

3D display with nvidia
A couple of companies are coming out with fancy 3D LCD monitors.

To my knowledge, only SGI sells computer+monitor+software, but they want $80K for the entry-level...

nVidia already has the 3D drivers for Windows. Does anyone know if they are working on 3D drivers for Linux?

Compholio 09-29-04 12:51 AM

Re: 3D display with nvidia
If you're talking about 3D as in OpenGL-compatible 3D then NVIDIA already has a 3D Linux driver - this is the support forum for it (and the 2D component).

gindulo 09-29-04 10:14 AM

Re: 3D display with nvidia
What I am talking about is the 3D monitor, the one with 2 DVI inputs which produces two different images (one for the left eye, one for the right eye) thus offering a stereoscopic vision.
In the NVIDIA-driver page, under "consumer 3D stereo", I only saw Windows drivers.

I am a very beginner in this and I apologize for any triviality I may write, but I thought 3D-OpenGL was about 3D hardware acceleration, whereas in the 3D display it is about producing two slightly different images. Am I wrong?

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