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TwistedNsanity 08-03-02 10:29 PM

Video In on GeForce2 GTS?
I have been reading in various places about using a linux driver for TV in... but most of the links seem to be down. I am using RH7.3 and am trying to get the video in (S-vid) on my card to work?

Where are the docs/rpms? Or is there even something out there? Any help appricitated... thanks

Nixdisciple 08-03-02 11:48 PM

I did a little digging and i found out the the current linux drivers that are available at the following url supports your tv-out so give them a try but please read the text file that is there so you can get a understanding of the set up. Click Here

Nixdisciple 08-03-02 11:49 PM

by the way if this does solve your problems let me know and if it doesn't still let me know so i can do a little more digging.

TwistedNsanity 08-04-02 12:04 AM

I'm not worried about the TV-out really... and from what I've seen its fairly easy to set up...I'm more worried about TV-IN

Thunderbird 08-04-02 03:27 AM

For tv-in go to http://rivatv.sourceforge.net they made the needed stuff for tvin on nvidia cards.

TwistedNsanity 08-04-02 09:46 AM

LInk down
I get a "could not connect to... " message when I try to access that site.

Thunderbird 08-04-02 11:23 AM

Perhaps sourceforge had troubles again, but retry later on the day.

Thunderbird 08-04-02 11:41 AM

The rivatv homepage seems to redirect to here: http://drama.obuda.kando.hu/~fero/cgi-bin/rivatv.php

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