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Gn00b 09-29-04 01:01 PM

nVidia: "Two of ours are fastest!"
Just thought it funny that on the day when sooo many 3DMK05 benchmarks comparing ATI 800's vs 6800's (and ATI in most cases produces the highest numbers), that nVidia decides to put this "press release" up...


Touting their SLI multi-GPU stuff. I'd much rather see them touting some new drivers.

Don't get me wrong...I dont mind so much that my "latest generation" graphics card doesn't perform quite as well as a refresh of a previous generation card does in the latest impartial benchmark software - after all thats not why I bought it. But when nVidia comes out and says...

(quote) “These results validate that the NVIDIA GeForce 6 Series of GPUs is a gamer’s dream, and delivers the cutting edge technology that enthusiasts demand,” (end quote),

I cant help but wonder who theyre trying to bulls**t, and why their drivers cant seem to pass WHQL testing. A little frustrating.

ragejg 09-29-04 02:31 PM

Re: nVidia: "Two of ours are fastest!"
WHQL means THAT much to you that you're angry enough to write a paragraph long missive basically dissing nv running 3dmark05 with 2 SLI cards?

I really don't see all the beta version drivers as quite that problematic...

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