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king baytor 11-08-02 07:28 AM

ut2003 demo and rh8
well i'm quite new to linux... after i've managed somehow to rebuild and install the nvidia drivers on redhat 8. i've downloaded the ut2003 demo, cause i couldn't believe that it really runs on linux... now i've got a problem... i just can't install it.. don't know how... the file has the ending .sh.bin and every time i open it by clicking on it a sript is shown in an editor... and i also couldn't start it through the terminal... so could anyone tell me how this works??

luigi 11-08-02 01:21 PM

This is easy. Unlike windows, Linux does not make your files executable if the name suffix is something like ".run" or ".exe". The Linux filesystems stores this information in a special place is the filesystem entry. You can make any file executable by opening terminal (command prompt) and by giving command:

chmod u+x path/to/my/own/executable-file.something

After that, double-clicking the file in file manager will execute the file.

king baytor 11-08-02 09:37 PM

thx, it's working now... :-)

luigi 11-09-02 02:50 AM

Some more information..
Just to let you know, you really don't have to use chmod-command to make files executable, if your filemanager supports changing file permissions. In RedHat 8.0 for example, you can right click the file and select "properties", then open the "permissions" tab and check the user/execute checkbox. This does the same thing as chmod command. The only difference is, that chmod works in any unix system, and i had no idea about what file manager you vere using.

king baytor 11-11-02 04:58 PM

thanx... i've also realized that i have toi change the properties... didn't think about something like this because i've seen the icon and thought that it would open automatically...

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