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ikonia 09-30-04 05:02 PM

Second Monitor (DFP) sometimes fails to initialise (random)

I posted a problem earlier about a second monitor in twin view failing to initialise.

I have now got a working twin view config, available for viewing at

I am using xorg 6.8.1 and linux kernel with nvidia drivers 61.11

Whenever I am in console mode, both my screens are on no problems

I startx (just using twm as a test with an xterm)

and say 9 times out of 10 the second monitor fails to initalise, the screen flickers, the light goes green then goes orange and the second monitor goes into power mode.

There is no error in the error log (also available at above URL), and there is no reason for it to fail to initalise.

both my monitors are Dell FP1901's

I have read info on DPMS causing issues, at startup. However I am unable to find a configuration parameter in xorg that works to disable DPMS for being loaded at X-server start up

I have also read info on certain cards having random issues with DVI connections, however I have not found much info on this.

I am looking for

a.) General help in solving this random startup failure, I can't believe people have to restart their X server 10 tmes to get both monitors on

b.) Options to force DPMS to be disabled at x server startup

c.) Opinions on using twin view or "2 screen" configuration. Will I suffer the same issues not using twin view ? is one way better ? what are the pros and cons ?

Any advice on this would be appricated.

I'd just like to turn on my computer at init 5 and be presented with 2 monitors on with a login manager



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