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XanderF 10-01-04 04:38 PM

FS: PC Games, Cable Modem, Xaser Case, Evap tower, Force Feedback Wheel, Gamepads,etc
Still Available

-= Next, the evaporative tower itself =-


6" PVC body, sanded, primed, painted, and 'finished'. Tons of liquid nails holding it together (well, not 'tons' - 3 tubes total, and plumbers goop, too). Quite leak-proof.

The tubing can be removed, but it is fairly integrated into the body of it, so I wouldn't unless you feel like repainting. The tubing from the bottom to the pump is 1/2" inner-diameter. The tubing that would run from the inside of the computer to the shower head on top is 3/8" inner-diameter. Basically, fit for the Swiftech parts I used with it. It has a 120mm fan in the top of it blowing out. Sounds like a running stream and glows red, can you beat that? Oh, and gives *stable* overclocks of an AthlonXP '2600+' (2.09 ghz) @ 2.8 ghz at only 38C idle / 43C under load with ambient temps of 30C.

Asking price is $60 shipped (heck, it's $40 in parts, and took me weeks to build! Still, I'll take offers).

-= Force Feedback Wheel =-


Saitek R440 Racing Force Wheel (force feedback)
As seen here.

This item is not new, but I only used this once. Turns out racing games aren't my thing. Still, it's a remarkably cool wheel with good FF effects.

Asking price is $50 shipped.

-= Misc PC Parts =-
Black 3.5" IDE IOMEGA Zip drive - $10
2 channel PCI slot IDE controller (4 devices total supported) - $5
D-Link DF-528 NIC (10mbit Ethernet and Coax) - $5
56k v.92 PCI modem - $5

-= PC Games =-
All games are 'like new' - in full, original retail packaging - all manuals, key cards, CDs, etc included. I keep the boxes in pristine condition (very picky collector, here). Minimum order side is $25, shipping not included. Shipping is free on orders >= $50. Can be combined with hardware items above.

American McGee's Alice - $5
Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition - $5
Deus Ex: Invisible War - $10
Enemy Engaged: Apache/Havoc - $5
Enemy Engaged: Comanche/Hokum - $5
Il-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles + Il-2 Sturmovik: Ace Expansion Pack - $15
Need for Speed Underground - $10
Planetside + Planetside Core Combat - $10 (you'll need to subscribe, though, the free trial period is over on these guys)
Rally Trophy - $10
Shogun: Total War - $10
Starsiege: Tribes - $10 (original box with original manual)
Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness - $10
Tribes 2 - $5
Tron 2.0 - $5

-= Terms =-
Minimum order size is $25, shipping not included. Shipping is free on orders >= $50 and on items specifically noted as being 'shipped' prices.

My eBay feedback is here (103-0-0). I also have a heatware account with a UID 'XanderF' - same email as above (17-0-0).

My email address is 'xanderf@bendbroadband.com', and I can be reached on Yahoo Instant Messenger as 'xan_fulton'.

XanderF 10-04-04 08:00 PM

Re: FS: PC Games, Cable Modem, Xaser Case, Evap tower, Force Feedback Wheel, Gamepads,etc

-= Case =-
Sold to Stiler @ [ H ]


Thermaltake Xaser III as seen here in its original form.


I replaced the original temp sensor monitor bay with a new back-lit one, that monitors fan RPM, as well. (Xoxide sells this as the 'Super Flower Fan Controller') Replaced the LEDs on the dials from the blue original LEDs to red ones to match the case. Also cut a 120mm hole in the side of the case and trimmed it with rubber molding to mount a red LED fan in, with the silver reflective cover over it as well as a fan mesh filter, as you can see below.

Next, the case comes with 4 x 80mm fans - 2 red (in the back and top positions) and 2 white (backlighting the front plate). Along with the 120mm fan that is obviously included.


Finally, I bought the Thermaltake X-View front plate system to mount different plates with a backlight on the front.


This retails for well over $120 for the case alone. Thermaltake's X-View plate sells for $20, and the Flower fan controller retails for $40.

Asking price for all of it is $80 shipped. Given the size of the item, I'd prefer to ship to businesses to reduce cost on this item (saves me a couple dollars).

-= Cable Modem =-
Sold to Buk @ Anandtech


D-Link DCM-201 cable modem. DOCSIS 1.1 compliant. Has an ethernet port (for use connecting to an uplink port on a router), as well as a USB port (for direct connection to a single PC). All original box, packing material, driver CDs, etc included.

Asking price is $25 shipped.

-= Misc PC Parts =-
Sold to Buk @ Anandtech
80mm Sunon fan (model KD1208PTB1 - 3200rpm, 42.5 cfm, 36.5 dBA) - $5

-= Rumble Game Pads =-
Sold to Kaji @ Ars


Two Saitek P2500, as seen here. Opened, but unused - just never got into gamepads.

Newegg lists these for $28 shipped, I'll sell them together for $40 shipped.

-= PC Games =-
Sold to Mizugori @ [ H ]
Homeworld 'Game of the Year' edition - $5 (republished version)
Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred/Blood of the Damned - $5
Serious Sam: Gold - $10 (includes "Serious Sam" and "Serious Sam: The Second Encounter")
Shogo: Mobile Armor Division - $5

Sold to superjohnny @ Ars
Star Trek: Bridge Commander - $5
Starfleet Command III - $5

Sold to digiram @ [ H ]
Savage: The Battle for Newerth - $5

Sold to Stiler @ [ H ]
Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield - $10

-= Dead PC Parts =-
Sold to digiram @ [ H ]
Albatron KX18D Pro II - $5
(nForce2 motherboard with SoundStorm riser - optical and S/PDIF output, etc. Pretty sure it's dead, anyway.)

MSI GeForceFX 5900XT - $5
(with vmods, new heatsinks, etc - see pics. Bad BIOS flash killed this one.)

XanderF 10-07-04 03:53 AM

Re: FS: PC Games, Cable Modem, Xaser Case, Evap tower, Force Feedback Wheel, Gamepads,etc
Another bump. Make offers if anything looks interesting, and please bump! I'd like to get this sale wrapped up by Monday!

XanderF 10-08-04 04:25 PM

Re: FS: PC Games, Cable Modem, Xaser Case, Evap tower, Force Feedback Wheel, Gamepads,etc

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