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toipot 10-02-04 11:14 AM

Problems with Gainward GeforceFX5900XT
I recently bought a Gainward GeforceFX 5900XT on the basis of several favourable reviews. But after fitting it into my computer i have had several graphical problems in games. I explained this to the Gainward tech support people but their only advice was to upgrade the bios (no luck with that) and they aren't replying to my response.

What happens is, while playing some games (UT2004 especially, and Joint Ops:Typhoon Rising on the highest settings) certain items in the world seems to randomly flicker on and off, disapearing and reapearing. When i walk into these 'ínvisible' objects the collision still works suggesting its a graphics card issue. I have the latest nvidia drivers and bios version.

Also, some applications, notably T2 (http://www.toymaker.info/html/texgen.html) when run, just display a blue box, nothing is drawn inside the applications window.

Is my hardware faulty? or is this a common issue?

Id be grateful for any help :)


Ghostguy 10-02-04 11:17 AM

Re: Problems with Gainward GeforceFX5900XT
system specs?
what drivers are you using?
what resolution do you play in?

toipot 10-02-04 11:21 AM

Re: Problems with Gainward GeforceFX5900XT

Athlon XP 3000+
512mg PC2100 mem
Aopen nForce 2 400FSB mobo

Screen res doesnt make any difference, flickering occours in any screen res, at any detail level (except in Joint ops, when it seems only to occour at the highest detail levels, it also seems to take an exception to anisotropic filtering)
But i normally play at 1024x768

drivers are the very latest nvidia ones, downloaded today :) was the package

This is the 128mg GeforceFX 5900XT

Ghostguy 10-02-04 11:43 AM

Re: Problems with Gainward GeforceFX5900XT
some basic things to try first...

1) Try different refresh rates
2) Check your computer temps, heat can cause a few issues.
3) In your BIOS, try different AGP aperture settings. Most seem to agree on the "128" setting.
4) Also in the BIOS, try disabling Fast Writes.
5) Try a complete uninstall/reinstall of the drivers. Theres a few threads on how to do a complete uninstall of previous drivers without a reformat. I would recommend this especially after changing from ATI to Nvidia or vice versa.
6) Have you tried any different driver revisions? http://www.guru3d.com/ has plenty of the newer beta drivers.

Personally I use the 61.77s myself and have no visual troubles, but I reformatted as my last card was an ATI 9800XT.

toipot 10-02-04 11:49 AM

Re: Problems with Gainward GeforceFX5900XT
Ok, ill run through the list and see if i can get any results

thanks for the suggestions :)

toipot 10-03-04 03:53 AM

Re: Problems with Gainward GeforceFX5900XT
No joy with UT2004, although increasing the apeture size from 64mg to 128mg seemed to fix all the probs with joint ops, and made a significant performance boost to all other games :)

Heat isnt really a problem, with a Thermaltake case. But the first time I put it in, it's temperature got really high and then cooled down on the second boot, could this have damaged it?

Ghostguy 10-03-04 06:56 AM

Re: Problems with Gainward GeforceFX5900XT
I dont think your hardware is messed up being that it seems like now everything is running fine except for some UT2004 visuals. Glad the Joint Ops is fixed.
At this point you can try newer driver revisions even if they are beta. Nvidia's track record for HQ beta drivers speaks for itself. Theres a few threads on various beta drivers here and some are preferred over others. Try one or two and see if the problem clears up in UT2004.
Hope it helps.

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