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homie 10-02-04 01:24 PM

gf4 ti4200 freeze ups
Well i just installed this ti4200 card and within all games, demos (nvidia) or benchmarks, the image freezes for 4-5 seconds, sound keeps going, and it restarts and continues with some occasional freezes. Worst freeze ups are in 3d mark when the nature scene comes up.

any ideas??


abit kt7 raid
amd 1g
384 mg ram pc133
150 g hd
sb live value
gf4 ti 4200

rewt 10-02-04 03:47 PM

Re: gf4 ti4200 freeze ups
Is it a brand new card? Has it ever been, or is it now overclocked?

homie 10-02-04 05:20 PM

Re: gf4 ti4200 freeze ups
well the previous owner got it back from RMA and he used it for 5 days...it actually smelled quite brand new

WimpMiester 10-06-04 12:33 AM

Re: gf4 ti4200 freeze ups
Sounds like to card is over heating. Try lowering the core and memory clocks by 10 at a time. But only do one of them at a time too see which has the problem, core or memory. If it works at lower speeds then your heat sinks aren't making good contact.

smash_bro 10-06-04 04:22 PM

Re: gf4 ti4200 freeze ups
is this a PNY card?
i have a PNY geforce 4200 that blew a capacitor and another part. i found a capacitor, the other part is elusive though.

homie 10-07-04 03:17 PM

Re: gf4 ti4200 freeze ups
Well redid the test by lowering mem to 484nhz and core to 240 and it survived ok its weird that it has to work under default value ill check it out this week end. im getting an amd 2700+, with kt400 and 512 ram well see how it performs in that system, ill check to see if everything is stuck ok in it. how do we reglue the heatsinks on the ram? if its needed.

WimpMiester 10-07-04 05:15 PM

Re: gf4 ti4200 freeze ups
Just try lowering the core and not the memory. Doesn't sound like a memory problem to me more like your fan isn't seated very good? Probably has an air pocket in the past. Or your fan is running slow.

homie 10-07-04 06:42 PM

Re: gf4 ti4200 freeze ups
i'll redo test with ram at 512mhz default specs and drop core from 252mhz to 240 just to see..but i redid it again and it still was ok but ill do one variable at a time...

homie 10-07-04 07:42 PM

Re: gf4 ti4200 freeze ups
OK testing is done

default specs are 252mhz core and 512mhz MEM

core..........mem........... result
1) 252...........512..............fail (default values)
2) 235(-17)....512.............success
3) 240(-12)....512.............fail
4) 235(-17)....520(+8).......success :)

from theses results it seems the core over heats above 236 and i can upclock the ram and it still works. Guess i need to get the cooling on the core reglued.

does this make sense to you experienced posters?

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