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Tahval 10-03-04 05:52 AM

2 CRT's, howto connect TV-Out
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I'm running Fedora Core 2 with a Geforce FX 5200, 128 MB,
and am using driver 1.0-6111 from NVidia.

I have two CRT's connected to my card, one on the VGA connection, the other on the DVI output.
It all works as I want it. No problems there.
However, now I want to connect a TV to my TV-Out, and want to use it as a single screen. So perhaps a clone from CRT 1 or 2, or a whole new one?
I thought about putting in the option twinview and clone in the xorg config file,
but now I thinking: if I do that, it will use the same resolution as the other two screens combined.
Does anyone know how to do this, or is this possible at all?

I'll try to include my xorg file here.

Thunderbird 10-03-04 07:25 AM

Re: 2 CRT's, howto connect TV-Out
The way you need to set up tvout is similar to normal twinview. From what I understood you plan to use 3 output devices at the same time but that isn't possible. You can only use CRT + TV or DFP + TV. (note that in the later case the TV becomes the primary screen)

wopr 10-03-04 12:58 PM

Re: 2 CRT's, howto connect TV-Out
On my MSI 5900XT, CRT-TV or DVI-CRT are possible. I can't have TV and DVI connected at the same time DVI overrides the TV-OUT. This is due to the video card, not X-Windows.

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