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Symntc 08-03-02 11:25 PM

Can't rebuild Srouce RPM for Nvidia in Linux
Hi all,

Follow the Nvidia linux instruction, I downloaded and tried to install the Source RPM on my machine. (Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100 Notebook) using the command:
rpm --rebuild NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2590.src.rpm
(this Souce RPM is recommaned by the NVchooser program)

However, i got error messages like:
install: cannot stat 'NVdriver': No such file or directory
error: Bad exit Status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.40627

Can anyone plz point out what I may missed out?

Thank you very much in advance.

Thunderbird 08-04-02 03:29 AM

Can you post more of the output when trying to build the source rpm. The real error isn't there. It seems the kernel module didn't compile for some reason and we don't know that reason now. (likely missing kernel headers)

g3blv 08-11-02 07:10 AM


I have the same problem. Have you found a solution to your problem?

Symntc 08-11-02 10:57 PM

The probelm was solved easily in my case.

At the first time, the "NVchooser" program reprot I should install the SRMP file, i tried but i got error message.

The second time, it told me I should install the i686.rpm file, i installed it and works fine.

So you should just try install the rph3up686(can't remember the them).

Hope this helps

dbhost 08-12-02 08:37 AM

No NVdriver from source rpm in Linux?
Okay guys, I just went through these same hoops in Mandrake 8.2. For starters it was no fun... but I did get it working.
Your .src.rpm file is actually a combination of two files, the NVidia source tarball, and a "what to do with it" file similar to a Makefile. I downloaded the tarballs and built them with make, and found that it was complaining about a particular file not being found, unfortunately I didn't write down the filename, not important at this point though, I looked in the makefile and did not see a direct call for this file as in it was a file that make was trying to use directly, so it must be a file that one of the programs make is trying to call must need. So I searched for the file in Software Manager (Mandrake's rpm front end) and found four installable packages with this file, one of which was the gcc 3.0 compiler, anyway I installed all of the packages and then went to rebuild the rpms, the build went smooth and the install went flawlessly after that point.

I am not sure if this helps, but I don't think it can hurt. Good luck! You won't regret it once you get your cards working right... These things rock!

dshipton 08-12-02 10:36 AM

Need kernel source to rebuild
To rebuild the NVIDIA_kernel .src.rpm you need to have the kernel source installed. You also need to have the same gcc compiler that the kernel was built from. You can override the latter one with an option but their is no getting around not having the kernel source.

dbhost 08-12-02 06:35 PM

No gettin' around
Yeah, I figured that one out the hard way... I guess that is the way I learn stuff.

The Butler 08-12-02 07:33 PM

Where do you get the source?

I have tried up2date -u kernel-source

but it sais None of the packages you requested where found, or they where already updated.

All I want to do is play quake on my linux box .. :( ,..

dbhost 08-12-02 09:36 PM

use the source Luke!
Not sure what up2date is. But in the wonderful world of Mandrake, kernel sources are in the CDs, simply use Software Manager, click on Installable, and search for kernel and install anything that looks like sources...

Phlanx 08-13-02 04:05 AM

...or you could download it here (not fast though)


(Ahhh.. i LOVE rpmfind! :D)

Thunderbird 08-13-02 07:07 AM

You can find the kernel source and header rpms on your distro cd's.

The Butler 08-13-02 08:26 AM

Ok .. so .. before I try to recompile the drivers I need to download and install the kernel source first correct? .. This is will the take are of the "no such file or directory" errors that I am receiving when I try and compile the drivers? ..

Also I plan on reinstalling my OS should I not run the up2date?

Also the name for the kernel source on the CD .. is it kernal-source-xxxxx.src.rpm? ..

Sorry for all the questions .. I am really new a linux .. and really want to learn the linux OS.

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